Bournda EEC and SERRG

Proudly present

Two exciting opportunities to get involved with:

The Pitch

Bournda Environmental Education Centre, SERRG (South East Resource Recovery Group) and the Snowy River Council are inviting your students to participate in a 'trop-fest' style competition - and sell the unsellable.

The idea:

Our societies frivilous waste practices are difficult to change. Students will be given the task to look at why we have such a problem with waste and how we can encourage the general public to rethink the way they deal with waste (persuade industry, reduce consumption or perhaps recycle more efficiently). Students (4 - 5 per group) are required to create a short 1 - 2 minute film and sell the unsellable.


The competition will be aligned with the curriculum

Prize, fame, glory:

All entries receive $100 to support costs (3 per school). The films will be judged on a set criteria and the top five will attend a high profile dinner event in Jindabyne during National Recycling Week, November 2014. All five finalist films will be shown and a winner judged.

The winning entry will receive a trophy and $750 towards a project in their school to improve waste management.

Where to from here:

This is just a heads-up. A package containing a USB with detailed information about the competition, requirements, curriculum links, and expectations will be sent to your school early next term. This USB will also contain a video prepared by Bournda EEC to inspire, amuse and provide ideas for the students.


The WASTE channel

Each month the WASTE channel will go to air. This channel is for students concerned with the impacts of waste on their school and broader community. It will be an opportunity to learn about the science of waste, interesting facts, share stories and ideas and receive support for their participation in The Pitch. The channel is hosted by the BEEC and will be available through adobe connect or video conference.

An official invitation will be sent out early next term.

More information coming your way soon!

This flyer has been prepared by the Bournda Environmental Education Centre and the South East Resource Recovery Group:


South East Resource Recovery Group


Bournda Environmental Education Centre