Rankin Elementary

Weekly Staff Bulletin #11

Weekly Events

Monday -I am out of the building for a conference; I will be back for the Honor Roll Celebration in the Media Center

3:15 - Welch, Vicari, VanWormer and Jubenville;

3:35 - Strickland, Johnson, Rice and McLean

Tuesday - FAC 8:00 AM; Steering Committee @ 4:15 PM

Wednesday - Lock Down Drill #1

Thursday - Title I Social Studies Night - 6:00 PM

Steering Committee Meeting

We have a Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday and our Focus School consultant, Stephen Hecker, will be joining us for the meeting.

Safety/Security Procedures Review

We will be conducting our first Lock Down Drill this week on Wednesday morning. I will announce this drill prior to the drill so that students are aware what we are practicing and why we practice. I will also spend a short amount of time at our PLC meeting reviewing district safety/security procedures.
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A special thanks to Mr. Jim Hall, owner of Hall Chrysler in Fenton, along with his wife, Jennifer. They came to read and donate books to each of the students in Mr. Bell's and Ms. Coyner's classrooms.

Junior Achievement

I received a very nice Thank You from Junior Achievement for opening our school to them again this year. They noted that the volunteers were "impressed with your students and the interaction of your teachers in the activities". It seemed like a great day and a positive experience for all. We shared several pictures on the CA Facebook.