The Electronic Frontier Foundation

"Defending Your Rights In The Digital World"

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EFF and what they do

The EFF helps anyone who uses the internet by protecting their rights. It spends the money it receives by protecting fundamental rights through direct legal opposition to invasive search and surveillance.

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EFF was founded in 1990, they were created to defend "the civil liberties in the digital world." EFF is the reason that you can post freely on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. It also protects you from the government invading your privacy. Now could you imagine not being able to search the web freely?

EFF spends it's money on...

Quartavious Davis

Q. Davis is a "criminal" who is being tried in court for robbery. However when the biggest piece of evidence was found, it violated his rights. This happened by police collecting 67 days worth of location information he was only more than 11,000 specific cell site locations. Pinning him at multiple robberies. All of this was found without a search warrant. However half way through his court case, EFF stepped in. With EFF's help the court decided that the police could no longer use this evidence. Q. Davis's trial is supposed to be finished spring of 2015, because of EFF's help. Finally if you were Q. Davis wouldn't you want your rights respected? Well because of EFF they are.

Overall Rating

EFF's overall rating on charty navigator is a 96%. So please, donate to EFF today and help them protect your rights on the internet.