Around the World By: Maddie Gray


Asia experienced poverty and food shortages. They withstood political instability and had little freedom. They were highly underdeveloped. Many nations had been seized during the war and were under control of other nations. The Philippines had been under brutal attack of the Japanese and were left destroyed. They then declared independence by no one listened. Later, the Spanish handed the Philippines to the U.S. They granted the Philippines their independence in 1946. Now, the Philippines are the twelfth- most populous country. They are also a decent country with a rising economy.


After WWII, much of Africa was ruled by the British. They eventually began granting colonies their independence, starting with Ghana. France also began to let go some colonies to be independent. Although independent colonies were popping up, some African leaders used violence to demand their separation from Britain or France. Strikes and demonstrations terrified people across non-independent regions. Eventually, through the struggle, those countries also broke away. Although France and Britain had let their colonies go, Belgium and Portugal were not as eager. It took much longer for their colonies to gain their own independence. The post-decolonization period was filled with dictatorships. Much of Africa fell to famine and large droughts but eventually Africans were renewed in their culture.