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April 7, 2014


WELCOME TO "ALOHA CARNIVAL" WEEK! After a a week of Achievement Testing, our community will celebrate together on Friday for the Carnival! Permissions slips for your child to be picked up in the classroom to attend the carnival MUST be turned in ASAP to your child's homeroom teacher. Invite your friends and neighbors, wear your sunscreen, and join us from 2-6PM for the most fun you've ever had at school! It is NEVER TOO LATE to volunteer to work a shift at the carnival - please see the sign-up document below if you are able to give some of your time. The final day to purchase wristbands at a reduced rate plus 5 free tickets, is Wednesday, April 9th. Wristbands will be available for purchase at the carnival. Wristbands allow unlimited rides, providing unlimited FUN! Food trucks will take tickets, and the general store will take cash or tickets.

For more information, or to "Like" our event on Facebook, click the links below.


Click on the link below to help out with the ALOHA Carnival 2014! We need YOU to volunteer, join in on the FUN, and help make this the most successful carnival EVER!!!!!


PK4 has set up a "store" inside each of their classrooms to create an experiential grocery shopping encounter. This curriculum activity engages our PK4 students in all 4C's of 21st century learning: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. In addition to the 4C's, the "PK4 Store" has allowed our 4 year old students the opportunity to incorporate a 5th "C"..... when they are finished with their store, all of the "groceries" will be donated to Some Other Place as an act of COMMUNITY SERVICE.

COMMUNICATION - A great deal of communication is necessary to work or shop in a grocery store. A very important form of communicating is greeting one another kindly, "Welcome to my store!" "Do you need help with your shopping list?" "Did you find everything you were looking for?" "Are you ready to check out?"
Collaboration is one of the first of the C's utilized when students decide what their role in the store will be: customers, cashier, or sacker. Students collaborate and reach a consensus as to who will play what role. The cashier and sacker work together as the customer checks out at the store. In setting up the store, students worked as a team in writing the various signs for the categories of food in the store.
CRITICAL THINKING - Our PK4 students are developing incredible critical thinking skills through this activity by figuring out how to make the store work, adding up the cost of their groceries, subtracting it from their grocery allowance, operating a play cash register, and checking their work on a calculator!
CREATIVITY - This entire project requires every ounce of creativity from all involved.... from our fabulous teachers who dreamed up this project, to the students using their incredible imaginations to see themselves in a "store," to students dressing the part as Moms and Dads, with wallets, purses, and even baby dolls in their shopping carts!