Democritus (Atomos)

The Laughing Philosopher


Democritus was born in 460 BCE in Abdera. He was known as the laughing philosopher. His teachers name was Leucippus, who was also a philosopher. Aristotle said that Democritus brought a vast natural aspect to philosophy. He was important because he is known to have founded the "Atomist Theory." The reason behind "The Laughing Philosopher" was because he constantly laughed at human follies and the terms "Abderitan Laughter", mean scoffing incessant laughter and "Abderite" are derived from Democritus. And to his fellow citizens, he was also known as "The Mocker."

Theory of Knowledge

"Everything is composed of atoms" was the foundation to Democritus' theory, which they thought to be physically, not geometrically, visible. They came to the conclusion that atoms are indestructible, they will always remain in motion, there is an infinite number of atoms and there are many shapes and sizes.

Idea of the Early Atom

Early Mathematics

Democritus was a master of geometry. He was among one of the first to observe that a cone or a pyramid has 1/3 the volume of a cylinder or prism with a same height and base.

Other Scientists' Opinion

He was highly esteemed by his fellow citizens because he foretold them of events in the future that actually occurred. He was later disregarded through history because of the deeper understanding and technology advancements.