Dystopian Control


Technology Control

  • Society is controlled by technology—through computers, robots, and/or scientific means. Examples include The Matrix,The Terminator, and I, Robot.

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Does technology control our lives?

My theory

The world can be controlled by technology. Technology can control in many ways, for example, social media, phones, computers, anything involved with technology. I think that the idea of technology has controlled the world already, and will continue to. They way people use it, they make it their lives. For example, one might say “ my phone is my life”, or “ I cannot live without the internet”. People really take advantage of their use of technology, which in the end, controls everyone in use.

In my opinion, social media is one factor of why I think that technology controls the world. Many people, mostly teenagers who have instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. are always in use of them. There are often times where kids do not do their school work and use it as entertainment. It takes minds away from the books and puts them into their phones or computers. Social media, also are like news pages. There is always some type of information that is brought out through social media. People use their technology to see that information and they share it with others. That shows that people will use their technology to find out information about the world itself. Also, if there was an event that happened and people put it on the internet where everyone could see, they people will go off of what they saw in the internet, not by the facts from someone who was their if they were not told. I just feel like the world is being controlled by technology greatly.
Like I have stated, I feel as if technology is taking control of the world. People use technology for everything. For social media, news, anything to get information, or just entertainment. Technology is all around us. Therefore, my statement that technology is taking control of the world may be true.