One for the Record Books

September 2015

2015-2016 SISD Librarians

Back Row: Adalberto Ramos; Samantha Silva; Zulema Bewley; Elizabeth Moreno; Zulema Garza; Sharron Guzman; Jose Guerrero.

Front Row: Janie Flores; Sally Hartman; Nicole Cruz; Patricia Ramos; Darvin Koenig

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Family Literacy Grants

Family Literacy Grants provide funding to family literacy service providers. Organizations applying for funding must have the following three components:

Adult Education Instruction

Children's Education

Parent And Child Together Time

Bucket Filled for Shary Librarian

You know that feeling when someone makes your day? First grader, Michael Espinoza made his librarian’s day when he brought his little sister and mom by to see the library during Meet the Teacher Night. "I really missed the library", said Michael. He told his mom, " Mrs. Guzman is so smart. She knows everything!" Fifth grader, Chloe Zamora is also looking forward to this new school year and coming to help Mrs. Guzman in the morning before school. With this type of enthusiasm, it is going to be a great year!

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TexQuest Tip

Make TexQuest part of your Back to School preparations for parents.

  • If you need resources, check out the Connect< Program Materials< Parent Connections section of the TexQuest website where you can find a poster that can be shared via social media, printed, or used as part of a presentation. You also have access to a customizable slide show, and an article that was just published in the Parent Connection Newsletter.
  • Put a poster in your library with user names and passwords, and encourage parents (or any patrons) to take a “selfie” in front of it, along with sharing print material. The access information will be on their phone whenever they need it.
  • PTAs are often looking for presenters at their meetings, and small groups of parents who support students with special needs (GT, ELL, dyslexia, etc.) are very receptive to resources they can use with their students at home.

Shimotsu Librarian Taps into her Artistic Talent to Create Vivid Bulletin Boards

Mrs. Bewley inspires students to read through many strategies. One strategy she employs is colorful and attractive library bulletin boards. Visit her library to see more of her artistic talent.
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Romulo D Martinez Elementary @ Back to School Rally

Ms. Zulema Garza says, "R.D. Martinez Elementary is ready for a fantastic new school year!
We want to give a big welcome to our new principal Mrs. Pat Viera and new Assistant Principal Mrs. Annette Arredondo! Welcome to the team!
"Teamwork makes the Dream Work!"
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Rapid Reviews by Darvin Koenig, SNJH Librarian

Bliind Spot for Boys by Justina Chen is one of the 2015 Texas Lonestar books. While it is first and foremost a teenage romance novel, it is so much more than that. Chen does a great job of making it a family issues story as well. Shana, a sixteen-year-old living in Seattle, has just gone through a breakup and decides to initiate a Boy Moratorium in order to focus on her passion for photography. But then she meets Quatro who is in the city to visit colleges, and who just so happens to be on a Girl Moratorium. Just when she is considering taking a chance on this new boy, her father finds out that he is going blind. Filled with many words of wisdom about how to deal with things that happen to us in life, this book will appeal to more than just the Romance crowd.

Thanks To STARS Foundation

All students at Jessie Jensen Elementary were selected to receive a free book courtesy of the Molina Foundation. The STARS Foundation selected this elementary school to receive

a Reading Party! It was held on Thursday, August 27th.

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Reading improves your imagination!

One, two, three Arggh! I'm a pirate, matey. Students had fun playing games and acting like pirates.
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Book Bites by Samantha Silva, O Garza Elementary Librarian

Title: Awkward

Author: Svetlana Chmakova

Author Website:

Publisher: Yen Press

Format: Graphic Novel

Age Range: Upper Elementary-Middle School

Genre: Realistic Fiction


On her first day at her new school, Penelope “Peppi” Torres, trips and falls into Jaime Thompson, the quiet boy, in front of the whole school. Already Peppi is flustered, but then the mean boys in school start calling her “nerder girlfriend”. Sadly, Peppi does the one thing she knows she shouldn’t do. She shoves Jaime aside, and runs away.

Peppi feels horrible about how she treated Jaime, and worries constantly over how to apologize. But, she just can’t seem to find the courage to just say, “I’m sorry”. Things become even more awkward between Jaime and Peppi when their afterschool clubs, the Science Club for Jaime and the Art Club for Peppi, go to war. The clubs are fighting for a table at the Annual Club Fair, and only one can win it.

Svetlana Chmakova has created on the best graphic novels dealing with school rivalry and understanding how to funtion in a new school. The feeling of awkwardness when making new friends, and of befriending a supposed rival is very well illustrated in this novel.

Svetlana Chmakova’s drawings are fluid and light. The comical expressions of Peppi with almost any emotion she feels makes this story an easy and fun read. Awkward will be a fun read for anyone who’s experienced meeting and making new friends for the first time.

David O Garcia Memorial Library Site for District Customer Service Training

The David O Garcia Memorial Library at Pioneer High School was the location for an extremely energetic group of clerks, secretaries and assistants last Tuesday. The group, guided by High School Assistant Principals Lorene Bazan and Martha Sauceda, viewed funny videos and reenacted positive and negative customer service skits. Although hilarious, the staff clearly saw how negative customer service impacted their customers…the students, parents and the staff.

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SHS Book Club Officers Meet 1st Day of School

The SHS Book Club officers and club Sponsor Nicole Cruz took advantage of day 1 to get plans for their club underway. Front Row: Sponsor Nicole Cruz; President Eduardo Diaz; Vice President Evelyn Quinlan; Treasurer Jennifer Carrillo; Secretary ; and Media Master Clarisa Lopez.
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Diamondback Roundup @ Donna Wernecke Elementary

Wernecke Elementary hosted the “Diamondback Roundup” for new students and parents one hour before “Meet the Teacher Night" on Thursday, August 20th. The administrators, counselors, and “specials teachers” introduced themselves and gave a brief talk about their programming, contact information, and available services. Librarian Patricia Ramos showed parents her library website and presented a brief overview of the Accelerated Reader program, library hours of operation, and encouraged them to come by the library with their children.

Photograph: Counselor Susan Meijerink, Librarian Patricia Ramos, Reading Specialist Carol Rodriguez

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SHS Teacher Yvette Vela is a Winner

Mrs. Vela won a $10 Starbucks gift card for being the first teacher to sign up and use a library area and bring her students to check out a class set. Mrs. Cruz, SHS Librarian, provided the $10 gift card. Her students will be reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Congratulations Mrs. Vela. Everyone is a winner with the combination of great books, good students, and literacy!
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Time to Tackle A Good Book @ BL Gray Junior High

Mrs. Sally Hartman, BL Gray librarian, poses with her eager readers across from the library at a bulletin board display that she decorates with seasonal information as well as top reader recognition.
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Minute with MackinVIA

Do you know your campus username and password? Visit your library and ask your librarian.
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Nicole H. Cruz, SISD Lead Librarian

Please submit library photos, articles, book reviews, engaging library lessons, reading incentives to Nicole Cruz by the 25th of each month in order to be included in the "One for the Record Books" S'more!