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May 16, 2016: The Last full week of school- 8 more days

Thank you!

My staff and I appreciate you all very much for all of your kindness these past weeks for Teacher Appreciation Week! You all were very generous and thoughtful to our staff and we will always be grateful for it. Thank you to parents who brought in items for the staff and goodies and treats. Thank you also to our PTA for working hard at making our staff feel extra special.

With National Educator Bosses week upon us this week, I would like to extend my gratefulness to you my Sycamore family. This year has been very memorable with all that we have done. We have made so many strides and accomplishments and as the "one in charge," I can't be happier.

I love my job and get up every day with a joyous


because I adore my staff and students so much! I look forward to these last eight days of school where I will bond with our students even more. On Friday, I will participate in a fun Fundraiser to raise funds for our great PTA! I am agreeing to be taped to the wall for $1.00 per strip! This should be hilarious but worth every minute of it!



and memories...Why not!?

Thank you for making my job easier and worthwhile! See you around for Awards days!

GADOE waives promotion, retention requirements for Milestones tests

On May 5, 2016, the State Board of Education granted a waiver of promotion, placement, and retention requirements tied to the 2016 administration of the Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG) tests. As a result, Gwinnett County Public Schools will use grades to determine promotion and retention for students at the elementary and middle school levels. Once final grades are determined, local schools will communicate with parents of students recommended for summer school. Students who may be eligible for summer school received letters on Friday indicating their most recent status. Confirmation will be made on Friday, May 20th.

Link from the GADOE:

This Week at Sycamore:

Monday: 9AM 4th grade awards

Tuesday: 9AM 2nd grade awards; 6 PM PTA General Meeting and Student Dance Performance

Wednesday: 9 AM Kindergarten awards

Thursday: 9 AM 3rd grade awards

Friday: 9 AM 1st grade awards; 7:45 AM All Pro Dads; Tape Ms. Thompson Fundraiser $1.00; Yogli Mogli Night

Sycamore Family-Thank you for being supportive of Weekend Events

We had a successful weekend as a team attending various events. On Friday
many of our staff members attended the annual Relay for Life Event at Gwinnett Fairgrounds. Our team sold items that would go toward Cancer research and support. On Saturday, the Sugar Hill City Hall welcomed hundreds of visitors for our 1st Annual Maker Fair. What a success! We had a chance to sell hand-made items made by our own students and several types of vegetable plants. Customers were also able to make necklaces or just get to know us more. We turned out in great numbers and appreciate any of you who were able to attend. It is a great feeling to be able to call you family.
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A Cure for Kaylee

We have a beautiful kindergartner, named Kaylee, who is fighting a difficult battle with cancer. She is only 6 years old and is going through a very tough time right now. We are holding a fundraiser to raise some money for her family in hopes that it can ease the burden of travel to and from the hospital, and food and life essentials during this time. Ms. Peralta purchased 1,000 bracelets that say "No one fights alone-Kaylee," on them. We are selling them for only $1.00 and hope that they sell out! Please feel free to come to the office to get your own or many to give to others. Kaylee, her mom and sisters took the Survivor's Walk on Friday afternoon at the Relay for Life event at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds. She was beautiful and grateful to share this walk with so many others. We were there to cheer her on too! Thank you for anything you can offer to support our very own student, Kaylee.

Thank you- PBIL Fair

Thank you for joining us for our amazing 2nd annual Project Based Learning Inquiry Fair. The students were wonderful and they worked very hard to showcase their work. Your willingness to visit classrooms and presentations was appreciated. A special shout out to Erin Smith, from PTA, who helped many grade levels, but went over and beyond to help 2nd grade with, "Project Hatchet!" It's hard to beat having, live chickens in the school for students to learn from. Way to go!

Every grade level worked hard to promote their inventions, inform us about a new idea or show us their research findings. Students had a chance to practice social skills too through this great event. Thank you to our kindergarten staff for a successful communities extravaganza! It is always fun to watch our students learn how to make the best of the day! It was indeed a fun time for all. Go Sycamore!

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