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The principle access to View Talay 6 is from Second Road. View Talay 6 is adjacent to Central and over the street from the shoreline. A private walkway goes straightforwardly to Beach Road. The Walking Street side of View Talay 6 has delightful perspectives over Pattaya Bay and dazzling night falls.

The townhouses closest Beach Road have the best views.The Central side of View Talay 6 has excellent perspectives of Naklua and night lights if over the twentieth floor. The apartment suites nearest to Second Road have the best perspectives on this side of the building. The Hilton Hotel is nearby to Condo 6 for rent in Pattaya above Central Festival at the front of the building.

Luxury condo for rent counter is in the primary anteroom. It is open 7 days a week. Security watchmen are on obligation 24 hours. Use the private walkway to Beach Road to get to the shoreline and the 7/11 or bounce on a baht transport to go to Royal Garden Shopping Center or Mike's Shopping Mall. Go to Walking Street by baht transport or walk. Bali Hai wharf is at the furthest end of Walking Street. The consequently bolting entryway is worked by swipe card to enter and exit. 2 swipe cards will be accommodated you and your visitor. In the end theory, you can enjoy the best holidays at these condos with your partner.

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Address: 243/25 View Talay 6 Pattaya Beach Condominium Second Road Pattaya

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