Author Biography of Jean George

By: Maryssa Meaux


  • Jean Craighead George was born on July 2, 1919.
  • She was born in Washington.
  • She was born into a family who loved nature.
  • Her parents, siblings, aunts and uncles all studied nature in school.
  • They went out camping on the weekends.


  • Her dad was a entomologist for the United States Forest Service.
  • An entomologist is a person who studies insects.
  • The family sometimes came with him on trips out in the field.
  • She had two brothers named John and Frank.
  • They grew up to be important naturalists who studied grizzly bears

Education and Childhood

  • As a child she had a pet vulture turkey.
  • Also with her family on the weekends she would gather edible plants, climb trees to study owls, and make fish hooks from twigs.
  • She first started writing in third grade and has not stopped since.
  • She graduated from Penn State University.
  • She had a degree in Literature and Science.
  • Before she was an anther she was a reporter for The Washington Post and was a part of the White House Press Corps.

As an Author and Books

  • She has been a writer since third grade.
  • As an author she wrote over 100 books.
  • I think it is cool how her books are mostly about nature.
  • Some books that she has written are "Julie of the Wolves" and "Vulpes the Red Fox".
  • The book "My side of the Mountain" has a squeal called "Frightful's Mountain".

Writing Style

  • I think that Jean's writing style deals mostly with nature or outdoors.
  • You can tell this without even reading the book by looking at the title.
  • For intense, the book "Snow Bear" is probably going have bears in it which is nature.
  • Also the book "The Wounded Wolf" is probably going to be about hurt wolf.

Book Awards

  • One book award that she has gotten was the Newbery Honor Award in 1960 for the book "My Side of the Mountain".
  • Some more awards that she has gotten was the Knickerbocker Award in 1991 and the Empire State Author Award in 1998.
  • Another book, "Julie of the Wolves", has gotten the Newbery Honor Award in 1973.
  • She was also selected to go to the National Book Festival.

Fun Facts

  • She is in the New York State Writers Hall of Fame.
  • One summer, she learned that wolves are kind and friendly and communicate with coloration, sight, sound, posture, and scent.
  • Wanting to learn more she and Luke went to the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory in Barrow, Alaska.
  • Over there she learned how to talk to the wolves.
  • This is where the inspiration of "Julie of the Wolves" came from.


  • She got married to a guy named John George in 1944.
  • He was an ornithologist.
  • They had many kids together.
  • Their household grew to have 173 pets, not including cats and dogs.
  • They had a crow that would take and put their coins in the bank for them.
  • They also had an owl take liked to take showers, guest met a sign that warned them to take the owl out after taking a shower.


  • She had three children.
  • Their names are Twig, Craig, and Luke.
  • When they were old enough to carry backpacks of their own the went to nature.
  • Luke and Craig are now both environmental scientists.
  • Twig writes children's just like Jean.


  • The end of jeans life came on May 15, 2012.
  • 92 was how old she was when she died.
  • She died of congestive heart failure in a hospital at Mount Kisco New York.
  • Many of she readers were heart broken at the news.

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