The orangutan (pongo) is an extremely smart primape. It is very much like a human, it is 98% human. The orangutan is an endangered animal. We need to protect it and stop deforestation


A male orangutan weighs 50-90 kilogram and is 1.25 - 1.5 metres. The female is 30 - 50 metres and is 1 metre tall. There arm spam is 2.13 metres. They have orange hair. There are two types of orangutans, the Sumatran and Bornean. When a baby is born they are toothless and have large eyes. The baby weighs about 1.5 kilograms. The two different species can be told apart by the difference between there faces.

Bornean Orangutan

Sumatran Orangutan


Orangutans favourite food is fruit and figs but they don't need to eat for months, they can survive on bark and leaves off they trees. They do eat bananas though, a banana for them would be like the whole confectionary isle for us.


Orangutans live in Malaysia and Indonesia. They use to lived in Asia though. They like being in swampy or logged areas on the ground and high in the canopy when they are in the trees. Three quarters of the areas they live in are unprotected so there habitat will be having deforestation.


The Orangutan is endangered and three quarters of the orangutans live in unprotected areas, so anyone can cut the trees down and destroy their habitat which is called deforestation. The Sumatran is critically endangered and the Bornean is endangered.


Orangutans are extremely smart, they will watch humans do and then copy it. They can climb extremely well and fast, they are unique ape that swing from tree to tree.

Life cycle

The mother orangutan will have a baby and they don't leave until they are eight years old. They usually have the baby from twelve to fifteen years old. They will have a baby every eight years after. Orangutans live for fourth five or more years.

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