Perseverance Throught the Times

By: Jackson Karshen

How I Define Perseverance

I would define perseverance as to not give up even if things or people get in your way. To keep going even if you think that you can't get your goal. Also, to have resilience when you fall down or fail. To keep going and pushing forward to reach your greater goal or greater good. Even when you think that you will fail and lose and not be able to get your goal, to push on through to get your goal. Also I see it as this, if you fail and you stop you yield and give up. Perseverance is when you keep going through what people might say and you go for your goal.

Sir Winston Churchill: A Biography of the Prime Minister of the UK (Sequence/Chronological)

Winston Churchill's life had many ups and downs. First, he went to military training to become a soldier in war. This took many hard hours of practice and dedication to achieve this goal and it was very hard. Next, he went into war fighting battles and showing the troops what he had. After the time he spent in war, he decided to go towards politics. The first time that he was elected into the parliament was in the yearly 1900. He showed strong conviction toward the government. During the next few years he was awarded many promotions. He began to get higher and higher up into the government rank. Shortly after these promotions, he was voted out and was out of the government. This furiated him and he tried his hardest to get back in but failed. Finally, after lots of hard work he was voted back in. In 1940 he was elected Prime Minister and was very excited. Well he was Prime Minister, World War 2 started. He had to help out his country and defend them. He was their only hope. After the war was done, many people started blaming him as the cause of the cold war. Many people got mad about this and many started to turn on him. He had been in the government for so long so, that when he was kicked out of government, he wasn’t that sad. In his years and still today he has inspired many and has made many make change like he did.

Jackie Robinson - The Noble Experiment (Cause and Effect Paragraph)

During the time of the 1900’s, it was very tough for African American people. There were many white people making fun of them and taunting them. Some of the people were beat and bullied. It was very hard for black people during this, and the discrimination was just beginning of hard times for them. However, there was one man who thought that there could be change. His name was Branch Rickey. He wanted to get a black person on the all white baseball team. Jackie Robinson was up for the challenge. He went through many hard times of people hurting him and making fun of him. He had to learn to not be combative and stay true to himself. The cause of this was that black people were made fun of and treated very poorly because of discrimination. Also Jackie Robinson was made fun of and hurt because he was an African American trying to play on an all white baseball team. In the text it states that “We can’t fight our way through this, Robinson. We’ve got no army. There’s visually nobody on our side… I could see the sincerity in his voice,” (Noble Experiment 148). This shows that because there was discrimination going on, many people were not on his side for playing on the Major League Baseball team. Also everyone wanted to keep it that way because they thought that black people couldn’t play baseball. The effect of all of this is that Jackie Robinson was not approved by anyone to play baseball in the Major leagues, except Branch Rickey. Also since all the African Americans were discriminated they were treated very poorly and were thought less of so he was thought of as a terrible baseball player. All in all, the time of the 1900’s was very tough for Jackie Robinson and many other people because of discrimination.

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Inside Every Day Dream Is a Hollywood Script (Description Paragraph)

Stephen Cannell has had a very challenging life. From being called stupid in elementary to finding out that he had dyslexia. The main adversity that he faced was that he had dyslexia and not knowing it thew school. In the text it states, “In school, he was still struggling to read when his classmates had moved on to more advanced skills.” This shows that he has had many struggles as a child and they have been very hard on him. He has always thought as himself as not smart but he has always been open minded about this and has always tried to be better at school. Even though that he has had all this trouble, he still tries to keep going. In the story it says that he went to a college and found someone that taught him how to be a creative writer. This shows that even though he had trouble in school, he still tried to find something that could use his creativity, not his smartness. Stephen has gone through many hard times that we can’t even imagine. Back when he was a kid, kids with dyslexia weren’t treat the same they are today. When he was a kid, dyslexic kids were labeled slow, stupid, and many other mean names. Today sometimes we don’t even know or care that they have it. For Stephen he was made fun of a lot. Because he wasn’t very smart, he was usually teased by others. When Stephan went to college he wanted to find a passion that didn’t use smarts as much. Because he had dyslexia, and wasn’t very smart this was hard for him. He had to use resilience to be able to bounce back and and keep going to find a job. He never yield to the search for a job. One day when he was in college a man came up to him. He was a creative writing professor at the college. He talked to Stephen and when he started the class he loved it! This is when he found his job that he was looking for that didn’t involve smarts, it involved creativity! Now Stephen writes scripts for T.V. and is now pretty rich. If he stopped and gave up because of his dream to find a job that fit him.
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All in all, people from all over the time line have been dodging adversities and persevering through them. Even today we still have to persevere just like the other people who lived before us did. Whether it is getting on a baseball team or getting your own voice to be heard, these people have inspired us and proven that nothing is impossible. They have shown that if you stick to it, you can do it.