Happy Tech Year 2016

Let's Reboot!!!!!

Accessing Online Instructional Materials

  • A robust library of digital content is available for district teachers and students for the 2015-16 school year. Content is organized in Guide Courses, Master Courses, in the HUB library, or available via the “Digital Resources” page in the HUB. Use the handout below to learn how you can access these instructional materials.

    Instructional Materials SY1516 Instruction Summary (08-21-15).pdf

Edmodo Transition Support

  • Starting in January 2016, students will no longer be able to access Edmodo on districtwide devices and on HISD networks. Teachers will continue to use Edmodo to collaborate with fellow teachers, but will no longer be able to use the learning platform with their students.

    Click here for tip sheets and videos that highlight common Edmodo features and provide instructions on how to do the same tasks in the HUB