Max Roach

worlds greatest Jazz drummer!

birth & date

On January 10, 1924 Max lemual roach was in Newland NC, he was a African American jazz drummer also was an composer then himself went into different styles of music

Life & background

Max roach has 5 five they Daryl keith roach, Raoul Jordu roach, Maxine roach, dara roach, Anyodele roach. and he has two women they are Abby Lincoln, janus roach ,Mildred roach. also mother and father of Cressie roach, Alphonse roach.

Max roach is 83 but he died in the year of 2007.

Max roach quote : ''this artist is like a secretary, whether he is a writer or a drummer.

the reason why Max roach was a leader because he educated people also were a civil rights activist

interesting Fact: He Played with the Behop and his Jazz band