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BMHS/BMMS Library Fee Information

The library media centers at both the high school and middle school do not charge fines for overdue items such as books. Fees are only accessed if students fail to return an item to the media center after 30 to 45 days. Prior to being charged a fee for a library items, students are sent an email message reminding them to return any overdue items to the library. Students receive at least two of these notices prior to being charged a fine in Infinite Campus.

When the items are not returned, then the library media center assumes it is lost and charges the student in both the library system and Infinite Campus the cost of the item. If the student returns the items to the library media center, the library staff then notifies the school's bookkeeper to remove any fees from Infinite Campus.

If there is an issue and/or concern, please contact the library media staff in the building. Contact information is listed below for library staff members are both the high school or middle school along with their hours of operation.

BMHS Library Media Center Staff Contact Information -- 7am to 3pm M-F

Gayle Schmuhl --

Tammy Corrigan -- tcorrigan

By phone (216) 898-8900 ext. 5161

BMMS Library Media Center Staff Contact Information -- 7:45 am to 3:15 pm M-F

Gayle Schmuhl --

Marilyn Lawson --

By Phone (216) 676-8400 ext. 7748 or 7749

Help with College & Career -- INFOHO

Did you know that INFOHIO has tools and resources to help your student with college and career choices? Students can access this website from home and/or school 24/7. INFOHIO has included free test prep tools for both the ACT & SAT tests. In addition to test prep tools, the website includes some resources for career exploration for students. All of these resources are free and can be easily accessed by clicking on the link below. The next time your student is in need of additional college and/or career resources, be sure to check INFOHIO Ready for College, Ready for Career, Ready for Success!.

A trusted resource for your middle schooler -- Gale In Context Middle School

Is there anything more gratifying than seeing your middle schooler excited to learn something new? Berea Midpark Middle School students can explore all types of new things with Gale In Context: Middle School. Created especially for middle grades, this database offers an alternative to less trustworthy online searches and provides students with credible sources in news and information. Gale In Context: Middle School brings together content from National Geographic, Scholastic, NPR, NASA, and other sources.

Read how middle schoolers seem to appreciate the simple navigation and quality of information:

“Some sites don’t have reliable information, or the information is so hard to understand that I can’t get anything done. But this seems really easy and reliable.”– Callie, age 12

“I like the layout, it’s not confusing. It’s good, more organized, and I like the quick facts.”– Hannah, age 13

“It had a lot of facts and it was really easy to understand. Other websites have big words, but this one is easy for kids to read.”– Meg, age 11

What’s more, nine out of 10 middle school students who participated in a 2015 focus group discussion conducted by Gale, a Cengage Company, said they thought Gale In Context: Middle School would help improve their grades.

Students, parents, and teachers can access Gale In Context: Middle School on any computer, tablet or mobile device—at school or at home. Access this valuable resource now at

For remote access username and/or password information, please email Gayle Schmuhl at

Gale in Context: Middle School Overview - Students
Autism sensory experience

Contact Information

Mrs. Gayle Schmuhl

Berea City Schools

Berea Midpark High/Middle Schools

Berea District Library Chair

Director, OELMA Awards & Scholarships

(216) 898-8900 ext. 5161