My Scrapbook

By: Nicholas Tuttle


Hiding our faces,

We are robbing a bank.


At the lake

Slayin' fish,

We can't stop.


Best Friends, Texans, having a blast

Riding roller coaster

Eating candy

Climbing rocks

Snaping pictures

Riding home


Running around

Friendships are bound

Playing paintball

After I catch a football

Lasting ages

Alex singing on stages

Leaving the camps

We, seniors, were champs

Turkey Bowl

Running to the end zone

Juking others out

Breaking tackles

Dodging the big guy

I scored


Dear, Friends

Running down the field, I was getting shot at. I had my paintball gun, my reaper; Alex was charging at me. Bullets went flying: Ciaos was every where. This was my moment-- I could finally get Alex. Unfortunately for me, his bullets sprayed me. I took one under the mask in the chin, probably the most pain i have felt in a long time. The next round came. Alex, jumping over obstacles, ran to his spot on the field. I found cover that gave me an angle at him. I began to shoot awards him, running out of ammo. I finally got him; the relief of getting him out was upon me.

This memory sticks with me because Alex and I are always competing to better than each other. The memory of our competitions will stick with me for ever, and I hope there are more to come. The memory shows, when we are on different teams, the competition in much greater. If we do get on the same team, our chemistry causes little to no competition from the other side.

I hope that in the future I can keep this group of friends through thick and thin. The friendship I have with them will only grow. The memories we have now are only the beginning to our long friendship.