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Happy February!!

Since this is the month we celebrate and acknowledge our love for those special people why not do it with chocolate and a bit of sparkle!

Great selections to choose from and nothing has to break the bank.

This month I'm sharing a special Family & Friends event.

You shop and invite a friend to shop. You'll both receive a gift from me.

This event will go through February 20th, so you have time to browse and find something just right.

Don't forget to share it with your friends and that special person in your life to get what you really like.

All items come shipped directly to you.

My gift will come immediately there after to your door. :)

What could be better than this?

Delivery Dates

If you order by 2/8, it will arrive in time for 2/14 gifting.

This event will last through 2/20/16.

Let me know if you'd like to host a session to earn tons more for FREE!

You know how much I love sharing and I just have a few open dates available.

Yes, a Pop-Up during lunch is great too!!

Ask Me for details

Shopping is always better with friends.