End of Week 6!!!

Mrs.Richardson's Researching Raptors

This Week!!!!

Now that Boosterthon is finally over, we can get back to normalcy! Although, this week we was a bit "off" instructionally, the kids really enjoyed the Boosterthon festivities.

This week, we began researching planets in order to write a research report. We collaborated to create a poster on why government is important. We finished our first math unit of the year on addition/subtraction, place value, estimating, and rounding. We tested our knowledge of different forms of energy and we even started planning to build balloon powered race cars! All in all, this week was a great success!

Looking Ahead! Week of 9/19

The SEESAW app link is below!!!



  • Analyzing data (text features such as, captions, charts, graphs, diagrams etc.)
  • Comparing across two texts

  • Analyzing character inner thoughts (how this is different from dialogue)

  • Responding to questions using evidence from the text


  • We have begun a 2 week (in class) research report project on planets. Students have selected a planet to research. I have also selected a planet to research as a model for students. Along with me, they will go through the research and writing process with a research report as the final piece.
  • Writing craft focus: specific details, closer phrases, citing sources


  • Introduction to multiplication (equal groups)
  • Understanding multiplication through repeated addition
  • Understand division through repeated subtraction


  • STEM Fair!! This is the LAST weekend to take research notes on topic...
  • STEM Fair Monday: Question/ Hypothesis
  • Students will be learning how to come up wirh a hypothesis based on research of their topic. I will be modeling how to do this with my own STEM Fair question.

Parent Guide: http://pves.pasco.k12.fl.us/wp-content/uploads/pves/2014/11/parent-info-revised.pdf

  • Light Energy ( light reflection, light refraction)
  • Explore how different regions utilize specific forms of energy more than other regions and why...
  • Science Olympics: Balloon Racers

Social Studies

  • North America (Regions of North America)
  • Three Branches of Government
  • Understand how to read different types of maps
  • Parts of a map (legend, compass rose)


  • Spelling Test (Fri.)
  • Vocabulary Test (Fri.)
  • Light Energy Test

****During this week, students will be recording scores for the following tests on the light blue "My Grades" sheet.

- Math: Unit 1 Test

- Science: Energy Test

- Reading: Story Structure Quiz

Important Dates & Events

9/23/16 Grandparents Breakfast

10//7/16 End of 1st grading period

10/10/16 non student day

Access more important dates and events at TBK8 with Peach Jar Flyers


Congratulations to Group 4!!!!! ....most group points earned this week...

Landon, Sara, Binyam,Cam, Ava
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