University Prep at Yale

Week Two Update

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Pictured above (left to right): Julius, Nadine, Inma, Supriya, Zaria, Daniel, Rhea, Ashlee, Toni, and Dirk.

Can you believe we've already passed our two week mark?! As is evident from the pictures, the kids continue to form strong friendships here at UPrep. They all look out for each other and work well together - it's made traveling to different college campuses and even staying on our own campus so easy and enjoyable! Take a look at some of the crazy adventures we've had this week!

College Tours Galore

Hello, Providence!

...yes, you read that correctly. Tuesday's college tours brought us all the way to Rhode Island! The day might've started off with a less-than-ideal 6:45AM bus pick up, but it was all worth it in the end when several students fell in love with Providence College and Brown University. Info sessions and campus tours for both of the schools were a hit. The kids got a taste of Providence College's Student Union Cafe and also had the chance to peruse many cafes and shops on Thayer Street (Brown's campus) for dinner and shopping.


After the wild success of Tuesday's trip, we were happy to explore just a bit further North on Thursday... to Boston, Massachusetts! The morning brought us to five different schools: Tufts University, MIT, Northeastern, Boston University, and Boston College. Students split up into different counselor groups based on their interests and attended an info session and campus tour for their preferred school. In the afternoon, we all reunited on the campus of Harvard University for a tour. We ended the day at Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for dinner and shopping.

Game Night Tournaments

Monday night brought University Prep's FIRST EVER Tournaments Night! Our main events were the Ping Pong Tournament and the Foosball Tournament (both were equally intense, I might add). Others chose to take their game to a different venue... the basketball court. Let's also not forget about the intense Cranium Board Game battle between Counselor Ayaa/Director Jordan and Office Manager Alicia / camper Riddhi.

After hours of fun, we were thrilled to present the winners of the Ping Pong and Foosball tournaments with the coveted UPrep Gold Belts of Honor. Those proud champions were Brian Zheng for Ping Pong and tag team Dirk Holmes and Bakari Porter for Foosball.

Classroom Candids

This week's academic feats include the completion of the 3rd (and final) SAT test and the 1st ACT test. In College Prep, students have polished up their resumes, CVs, and college essays!

Just goofin' around

Happy Birthday to you!

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UPrep student Thanh Trinh Thien, from Vietnam, poses with a cupcake on her birthday. Other birthdays from week two include Thomas Chou and our Academic Dean, Chad Southerland. Lauren Gelb also celebrated her birthday during week one.

Make sure to check in next week for an update on our final week here at University Prep! Highlights will include our trip to New York City and our Final Ceremonies.