Facts About Neptune

By: Raeleigh and Amber

Neptune Facts

Here are some facts about Neptune!

  • Neptune's existence was inferred mathematically before it was first observed in 1846. The planet takes more than 165 Earth years to complete one orbit of the sun. When the Voyager 2 probe visited Neptune in 1989 it found a "Great Dark Spot" in the atmosphere, but more recent photos show the spot has since vanished.
  • Neptune has a thick atmosphere, 80% hydrogen, 19% helium plus ices of ammonia and water.
  • Neptune's gravity is 1.14 of Earth's gravity.
  • Neptune has the fastest winds in the solar system, up to 1,300 mph (2,100 km/h).
  • Neptune's core is made of rock and ice.
  • Neptune's mantle is made of water, ammonia, and methane ices.
  • Neptune is 30,760 miles (49,500 kilometers) in diameter. It is nearly four times the size of Earth.
  • Neptune's moon, Triton, is the only major moon in the solar system that orbits "backward."
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10 Crazy Facts About Neptune From The Video Below

10. A "day" on Neptune is 16 hours and 6 minutes long. A "Year" however is 164.79 Earth Years Long.

9. A 100 pound object would weigh 115 pounds on Neptune; However, there is no surface to stand on.

8. You could fit 57 Earths inside Neptune and could still have room to spare.

7. Neptune is the first planet discovered using mathematics in 1846.

6. According to NASA, in 2013, Neptune officially has 14 moons. Triton was discovered by William Lassell just 17 days after the discovery of Neptune itself.

5. Neptune Is the 4th largest planet, but the smallest of the gas planets.

4. The surface of Triton is considered the coldest place know to man. Average temperature is 391 degrees.

3. Triton is the only major moon in our solar system that orbits "backward."

2. The winds on Neptune can reach up to 1,500 MPH; the fastest in our solar system.

1. Voyager II captured up-close images of Neptune in 1989. As of 2013, the satellite has passed the Kuiper Belt, it is estimated to lose contact with Earth in 2025.

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Top 10 Crazy Facts about Neptune


1. How did Neptune get its name?

2. About how many rings does Neptune have?

3. About how long is a day on Neptune.

4. How many moons does Neptune have?

5. What major moon orbits backward?