Course Update 2

Actualités: Français GAVS

GaVS does *not* have a Fall Break :(

I know many of you are looking forward to your face to face school's Fall Break but GAVS does not have a Fall Break. (tear! sniffle!) GaVS runs its own academic calendar which is not always the same as your face to face school's calendar. Please plan to make your GaVS submissions during the week before your face to face school's break if you to take those days off. GaVS is open for business as usual until the week of Thanksgiving. Be sure to verify the dates on your Course Schedule.

Grades Have Been Updated

Students: Don't forget to check grades and feedback daily. Dropbox feedback contains more than just links for remediation and compliments, it also contains the files where I highlight the errors. The best place to view those attachments is through the Dropbox itself. The attachments don't show up when you view the feedback through the Grades tab. Need help understanding how to do this? See the video below.

Parents: Grades in Parent Auditor are updated every Wednesday. If you would like to view a more current average, have your student log in and look through the student account.


Darby Brendon Conv 1.1 Audio by tingle2010

Upcoming Synchronous Session Topics

September 10 - GAVS school-wide AP Course Meeting - More details to come via email and News

AP Exam Information

Want to see what AP is all about or need practice for the AP Exam? Visit the link below!

Le Projet

Below please find links to various websites that you might find helpful for your upcoming project.