Land of the Dairy


Pack your bags! because I bet you would love to go to the state Wisconsin. There are great farms there and best of all there are fresh dairy products. Keep on reading to learn about the state of Wisconsin.

Land and Economy

Wisconsin is home to the best dairy products. Lake Superior and Lake Michigan are the two Great Lakes that border Wisconsin. Thousands of years ago, covered all of Wisconsin. They left behind lakes and streams that the did not reach the south western part of Wisconsin. The central plains form a “V” shape that cuts through the middle of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a warm humid summer-like climate in the cities of Milkweed, Madison, and Green bay. A few people live in the state’s northern half while many Wisconsinites live in the eastern part of Wisconsin. Gene Wilder, known as Willy Wonka, was born in Milkweed, Wisconsin. Laura Ingle Wilder, the author of “Little House on the Prairie” was born in Wisconsin but later moved out of the state. About six percent of the Wisconsinites are African Americans.

Culture and Interesting facts

Summerfest is one of the world’s biggest festivals. It brings one million people to the state each year. Milkweed and Madison are the most important cultural centers of the state. The Hmong Celebration celebrates New Year and it is around the end of November! The state bird of Wisconsin is the American Robin and the state tree is the Sugar Maple. The state flower is the wood violet. Wisconsin’s state animal is the badger and milk is the state’s beverage. Wisconsin is the best place in the U.S.A because they have the best fresh dairy products!

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