Coach's Corner

January 6, 2017

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Instructional Practices: Responding to Language With More Language

I respond to children’s correct answers with the follow-up questions about what made the child think or say that. I respond to incorrect answers with specific information to help child learn about the correct answer.

How about this?

Question Toss – Teach children to answer a question while staying active with question toss. Ask a question then throw the ball to a student. The student answers the question then asks a related follow-up question. The student throws the ball to another student. The second student follows the same directions as the first student by answering the question and asking a related question. This continues until someone is unable to think of an answer, a question, or an on-topic response to a question.

Writing Center: Write the Room

Curriculum Connections: Name Snowmen

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Just Dance Kids 2014 - Yo Gabba Gabba - The Freeze Game

Weekly Lesson Plan: Winter Weather Week 1 Jan 9-13, 2017