Raymond's run flyer

By; Toni bombara Created By: braden Bowles

Raymond's run

squeaky is the fastest person in other than her dad she always wins the race. she does alot of breathin exercises to help her win the race. Squeaky has a brother name raymond who has a diease and anybody who wants to make fun of how big his head is they have to go though sqeaky first. one day squeaky and raymond are jogging when they run into Gretchen and her sidekicks : Mary Louise, who used to be a friend of mine when she first moved to Harlem from Baltimore and got beat up by everybody till I took up for her on account of her mother and my mother used to sing in the same choir when they were young girls, but people ain’t grateful, so now she hangs out with the new girl Gretchen and talks about me like a dog; and Rosie, who is as fat as I am skinny and has a big mouth where Raymond is concerned and is too stupid to know that there is not a big deal of difference between herself and Raymond and that she can’t afford to throw stones. So they are steady coming up Broadway and I see right away that it’s going to be one of those Dodge City scenes cause the street ain’t that big and they’re close to the buildings just as we are. First I think I’ll step into the candy store and look over the new comics and let them pass. But that’s chicken and I’ve got a reputation to consider. So then I think I’ll just walk straight on through them or even over them if necessary. But as they get to me, they slow down. I’m ready to fight, cause like I said I don’t feature a whole lot of chit-chat, I much prefer to just knock you down right from the jump and save everybody a lotta precious time. when she gets to the she wins the race.