McAllister Minutes

Week of: January 14 - January 18

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McAllister Minutes

Best Start Yet! No kidding - This has been the most seamless start to a second semester that I have ever experienced. I am hopeful that your first week went just as well!

In your box I placed intent to return letters for all "Certified" staff members, please ensure that you return these to Ms. Lane NLT - Friday, January 18, 2019 so that we can effectively plan for hiring season that is already underway.

There seems to be some questions regarding gaga ball and exactly what the rules are/ how they should be enforced. Please make sure that there is a teacher in the gaga ball pit vicinity while games are underway - while this game is lots of fun - there are also lots of kiddos engaged with balls flying so please be active and engaged. Below I have listed the rules:

Gaga Ball Rules - Please Review if you need a refresher or have questions: "Click Here"

Keep in mind that we are in the midst of Flu Season. Based on current projections, the outbreak appears to be more severe than what was experienced during the 2018 Flu season. Please use the disinfectant that is in the bottle in your room to spray down items that are touch often, clean desks at the end of the day and always be sure that students are taking precautions when coughing, sneezing and always washing their hands after the potty.

As we get rolling Monday, please be cognizant of the schedule ensuring timely arrival, departure from specials, resource, lunch etc. It is imperative that students are not held back from specials, resource or lunch to complete class activities. Just like the homeroom class, our specials and resource teachers have activities planned to engage students from bell to bell.

With the new procedures in and throughout the school with regards to PBIS - Let's make sure that we instill the expectations and inspect those expectations throughout so that they become routine throughout the school.Thank you all for your involvement in making all things at McAllister meaningful and amazing!

A few reminders listed below:

o Tuesday, January 15 – Professional Learning @ 3PM (Media Center)

o Wednesday, January 16 – Fire Drill @ 10AM

o Friday, January 18 – School Wide PJ Day – PTSO Fundraiser

o Monday, January 21 – MLK Day (No School)

o Tuesday, January 22 – 100th Day of School

*There are (2) surveys that need your attention, neither should take more than 2 minutes. Please provide anonymous feedback so we can continue to improve in all areas.

With an intentional focus of consistency on being curious & crazy for kids you will ALWAYS find a culture that is student focused!

Have a WONDERful Week!

Please Complete - Georgia School Personnel Survey

Click Here for Survey

The Georgia School Personnel Survey (GSPS) is modeled after the student survey and includes 31 questions. The GSPS is for all certified and classified staff members who work at least 50 percent of the day in the school. At least 75% of certified and classified staff members must participate in the survey to be eligible for the School Climate Star Rating. Most teachers should be able to participate in the GSPS using their classroom computer. The survey is also accessible using a tablet or smartphone. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia School Personnel Survey link is posted below.

Click Here for Survey

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Guided Reading & School Improvement

As with anything, it is important that you inspect your expectations. This semester we are going to focus in on guided reading so that we can best support our entire staff. Through this, we are going to make a concerted effort to be a part of the guided reading groups, offer feedback based on the plans and celebrate successes accordingly.

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year we embarked on a journey of training & implementing guided reading school wide. Last year we were able to train (k-2) with the (3-5) addition during the 2018-2019 school year.

While this is a journey, I have listed a few of the appropriate steps that we will need to continue to implement school-wide so that we are moving collectively in the direction of success as it pertains to increasing the level of literacy of all our students :

Just a few reminders:

  • Assessment Kit Teacher’s Guides are located on the School’s Team Drive for your convenience. You can find the Running Record Teacher pages there.
  • Running Records should be completed before break.
  • Include all lesson plan components when teaching. If you don’t finish a lesson in time, pick that item up the following day. Try not to leave anything out.
  • Focus on using data to direct your instruction. (Running Records, sight word assessments, word knowledge inventory, etc.)
  • When planning, please use the lesson plan templates provided in the book. Keep in mind that not all portions are meant to be filled out before your lesson, so not every box will need to be filled.
  • Strategies and skills by level start in the Appendix at the back of Jan Richardson’s book to use when planning.
  • Comprehension is solidified through writing so try not to skip those writing components or writing days.
  • Guided Reading is the only true practice at all schools K-5 in Bryan County, so try and implement this practice with fidelity and ask for help if you need it.

Happy Birthday to You!

  • 1/24 - Amy Werking
  • 1/28 - Kerry Bayens
  • 1/28 - Paige Nobles

Making Moves at McAllister

Use this form to acknowledge the good hard work your peers around you are doing - these will be posted weekly as a form of encouragement/acknowledgement. Because after all - You ALL deserve it!
  • From Peters and Sykes: "Mr. Moon dressed like Santa and stopped by our room transformation, Elf (the movie) themed, so we could act out the Santa scene after our kiddos rocked the activities and filled the clausometer! Thanks for being such a team player Mr. Moon!"
  • From Jack Frost: "A big shout-out to Mrs. N, her hardworking students, and her ladder assistants, for making it "Snow CUTE" in our hallways...#MEShappyplaceHALLS"
  • From Anonymous: "Our tech people (Schnibben and Hursey) have certainly shown dedication this week as we've experienced technology glitches. We are all so thankful for their hard work this week that has no doubt been busy for them. Thanks so much for ALL y'all do!"
  • From Anonymous: "Our PBIS committee is rocking it! They work so hard to constantly evolve our PBIS plan to make it better and more effective. We appreciate all the time and effort y'all have put in to this program and the wonderful changes it has brought to MES!"

Click here to Make it Known

7 Mindsets

Weekly updates will be posted in this section. I look forward to the impact that 7 mindsets is going to have on our school community! If you are ever planning to be out on a Mindset Monday or just need a hand in delivering a lesson - the administrators and counselors are more than happy to help. Use this link to find the lessons click here.

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McAllister Staff Guide

In a school of over 135 it can be hard to know everyone's name...Have you had a chance to look at the staff directory where pictures of our staff members can be located?

Have you checked this # Lately....#MESrocks

Click this link to see all of the awesome things our teachers have posted on twitter this week. Always remember to use the #MESrocks when posting to keep these items united!