The Family Flyer

April Edition


The Family Flyer is created by Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) Early Literacy and Math coaches and coordinators. Our hope is that parents and caretakers, countywide, take advantage of the resources to support their kindergarten through third grade children with academics, nutrition, and well-being. New events and resources will be published monthly. Please contact Education and Learning at the GISD if you have any questions. The contact information is located at the bottom of this flyer. It is our hope that you find this resource useful and fun. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

Games to Play

DIY Memory Card Game

Click on the picture for a printable Memory game and instructions. This cards in this game involve high frequency words, or words readers often see. You can also make cards with letters, compound word parts and rhyming words!

Dice Game of War

Players take turns rolling the number cubes and adding the numbers represented by the dots on their cubes. The player who has the highest sum takes a bingo chip or teddy bear. The winner is the first player to get ten bingo chips or teddy bears. If you do not have dice, make two sets of cards 0-6 and flip to reveal each number. Have fun!

Recommended Books

Click pictures below to listen to a read aloud!

Helpful Hints

Writing Real Stories

Children love story telling. Help your child write a mini book about something they have done. It could be a trip to a store, a time outside, or even cooking dinner. Click on the picture for a supplies list and ideas. When finished, have them read their book to you. Share in the fun, and write a book too to share!

Math Walk

Spring is upon us! This means more time for walks in the neighborhood or at your local park. You can easily turn an outdoor activity into a math activity by noticing the space around you. The possibilities for this activity are ENDLESS! Here are a few ways to help your child notice math in the real world:

Counting -

  • How many steps to get to the sidewalk? How many steps to the end of the driveway? How many steps from this light post to the next?
  • How many blue cars? How many bicycles? How many people?
  • How many bricks around the tree?

Number Sense -

  • Why are there the same number of stairs going up as there are going down?
  • We have gone up two stairs, how many more until we reach the top?
  • Do you think there are more steps from here to the tree or to the picnic table?

Geometry (Shapes) -

  • Play "I spy" with shapes. I spy a shape that has four sides with two long sides and two short sides, and they are red. The bricks on that building!
  • Can we find any curved lines? Any triangles? Any cylinders?

Click on the photo for a link to more ideas!

Healthy Habits

One Step Back

Click the video below to see a game to play with your family. All you need is a ball, some space and a couple people to get active and have some fun!


Learn With Me at Home

Michigan Learning Channel provides K-3 learners, their families, and caregivers with direct-to-home remote literacy learning on broadcast and online. Click picture for more details.

Food For Thought

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