the almighty luge

Winter Olympics

Celebrate our 50th year anniversary of Luge at this years 2014 Winter Olympics

Luge was introduced to the Winter Olympics in 1964. Previously it was both a Men's and Women's competition but 2014 Luge will be introduced as only Male competition.

Winter Olympics Luge

Friday, Feb. 7th, 9pm

Sochi, Russia

Luge History

The Swiss originally created Luge, but the Germans have PERFECTED this Winter Olympic sport. The Germans have gotten 70 medals 27 of which were gold. The highest decorated Luge competitor is Georg Hackl. He has won 5 medals: 3 gold. Luge is a very thrilling, exciting, & dangerous event. There has been 5 fatalities, 2 of which were during the Olympics games. This can be very dangerous because the competitors can reach speeds of 95 MPH!

2002 Winter Olympics. Georg Hackl; Salt Lake City

The Winter Olympics

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