Open Resources- K-8 ELA Curriculum

Informational Meeting on Iowa Core-aligned Curriculum by EL

Who Should Attend?

1. Administrators and/or Curriculum Directors looking for new materials

2. Administrators and/or Curriculum Directors who WILL be looking for new materials

3. Administrators and/or Curriculum Directors who currently don't have a cohesive, well-aligned

ELA curriculum

4. Teachers/instructional coaches who want to learn more about the ELA Open-Up

Resources from EL.

Why EL Curriculum?

EL Education schools are outperforming state and district averages on standardized tests and closing critical achievement gaps. In many US cities, our schools are the highest-performing public schools, and in our high schools, 100 percent college acceptance is the standard.

What is EL Curriculum?

  • Free curriculum online
  • 100% aligned to ELA Common Core
  • Mission is to create classrooms where teachers can fulfill their highest aspirations, and students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world.
  • Focus on 3 main areas: Mastery of knowledge & skills, Character and High-quality student work.

Testimonies of schools using EL Curriculum

Dr. Stacey Cole, former Curriculum Director- Fort Dodge, CSD

What I love most about the EL curriculum is how it aligns to my philosophy regarding how people learn. I love that the curriculum is active, challenging, meaningful, public and collaborative. It allows the teacher to spend his/her cognitive energy on the art of teaching rather than the "what" of teaching.

A.D. Oliver Middle School, Brockport, NY

Our coaches helped language arts teachers learn to engage students and accurately assess their progress, resulting in remarkable reading proficiency gains.

Ida Jew Academies, San Jose, CA

We provided intensive coaching for novice teachers and a curriculum designed for equity. Literacy scores for English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged students soared.

Scintilla Charter Academy, Valdosta, GA

Our model for engaged, purposeful learning, and our language arts curriculum helped this charter school elementary outpace the reading achievement of peers in its district and state.

Centennial: A School for Expeditionary Learning, Denver, CO

Our strategic planning with leaders and professional development for teachers helped this elementary school create a culture in which students produce high-quality work.

Informational Meeting on EL Curriculum

Thursday, Jan. 10th 2019 at 9am-3pm

500 Northeast 6th Street

Pocahontas, IA

9:00-11:30 Review of the K-5 ELA Curriculum

12:30-3:00 Review of the 6-8 ELA Curriculum

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