By: Chad Houchin


The representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic,or pictorial form.

  • Essentially an extended metaphor
  • Usually contain a moral or lesson


  • Creates a greater level of meaning within a work of literature
  • Makes works multidimensional meaning that there are more meanings within the story than just the literal meaning that is written

Examples in Literature

Lord of the Flies

  • The island represents the world as a whole
  • Ralph's group of followers represent a democratic style government
  • Jack's followers represent an autocratic style government
Animal Farm

  • The pig led farm represents a form of communism found in the USSR led by Joseph Stalin
  • The rest of the animals are the working class and peasants
  • Boxer is the perfect representation of the working class in the USSR, unintelligent and yet religiously faithful to his ruthless form of government

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