Circuit Reflection!

By Zain Iqbal

What did we do?/ What did we learn?

For the past month or so, we started to learn and grasp the concept of making circuits. We've made about 6 circuits that gave us various outputs over the span of a few weeks. We made a logic probe circuit (which indicated if there was any voltage in a certain part of the breadboard), a 555 timer and 4 separate circuits which were apart of a transistor lab (we used an IC chip for the first time) and 4 . We made these circuits using Schematics that were give to us by the teacher. Before actually making any of the circuits, we had a few lessons on various parts that make a circuit up such as the breadboard, resistors, capacitors etc, and we had learned of all their unique functions and their importance in making a circuit function accordingly. Not only did we learn their importance's in the circuits we were making but we learned how important these components are around the world and how often we might use them.(an example being a transistor which is considered to be on the most important inventions in the century!) The main objective of making all these circuits was that we would grasp the concept of following Schematics, understand the importance of every individual component in a circuit and to understand what each circuit is capable of doing.

What did you enjoy/ What didn't you enjoy?

For the most part, I enjoyed making the actual circuit and actually witnessing first hand all the specific components doing their functions. It was a great feeling completing a circuit and actually getting it to work. Another part I really liked was trouble shooting my circuit. Not only did it get me knowledge of each component and connection of my circuit, but it also showed me that the slightest and most subtle errors can completely change the results of the circuit. I also learned a lot from trouble shooting as well from placing the legs of LED's in the right sections and making connections to the correct part of a transistor (E,B,C). I enjoyed building circuits for the most part but the only thing that I disliked was building the circuit off a schematic. I found it was really confusing with the way a schematic displayed the circuit with each component and intricate connection. At the beginning I had a lot of trouble reading a Schematic but as I progressed with buildings the circuits it became easier and more natural using a schematic.

One thing I would do differently?

One thing I would do differently would be to start from a specific part of a schematic. One of the main issues I was having with building my circuits was that I had a lot of trouble understanding and transferring a circuit on a schematic to a breadboard. I had wasted a lot of time re building circuits which could have been easily prevented if I had started from one specific end of a Schematic. Another thing I would do differently is to make all of my Circuits as compact as possible to maximize the space on my breadboard for any other circuits I might do in the near future!