Why do we need it?

A New Era! Or So We Thought...

Prohibition Promised us an end to the violence associated with alcohol consumption, an increase in productivity and a social "cleansing". But in reality, we got none of those things. If fact, we got quite the opposite!

Negative Affects Of Prohibition

Organized Crime

We originally hoped to decrease crime rates throughout the country. That idea is log gone now! We've seen a drastic increase in the amount of crimes, as well as a startling increase in organized crime. One of the most notable individuals associated with organized crime, is Al Capone.

Wasted Money!

Of the millions we spend each year, attempting to control the illegal sales of alcohol through bootleggers, we could be making twice as much through the taxation of alcololic beverages. We are essentially spending unnecessary money to control an issue that wouldn't exist if prohibition was revoked


Lastly, many of the our government employees, the ones that outlawed alcohol, are themselves drinking it! Prohibition has caused more problems than it promised to solve, and its time to get rid of it!