Dear June,

...Let's do this!

We BLEW our team goal of $25,000 OUT of the Water for May! Congrats on reaching over $41,000!!!

Leslie Evans - DMM

Let's touch base this week! It can be a Facebook chat, Google Hangout, Phone Call or Text Session! Schedule your 1 on 1 to plan your month using the link below! xoxo

Current Team Stats

227 Southern Belles

Active Southern Belles = 29 (17%!!!)

Current Team Sales = $8,099.91

All Time Sales = $481,022.48

June Pop Ups = 63

July Pop Ups = 10

August Pop Up = 1

DON'T FORGET!!!! The challenge a day contest is still running! Be sure to check out the new daily challenge on our team Facebook page!

Team Goal = $35,000 + 45% Engagement + 125 Pop Ups

#SouthernBelle Top 10

#Shoutout to our #Top10 Belles!!!

1.) Ediris Squitieri $1,569.00

2.) Stephanie Starr $1,489.81

3.) Jessica Thompson $1,174.00

4.) Lindsey Richardson $773.00

5.) Michelle Hickman $353.00

6.) Amanda Cowling $335.00

7.) Whitney Vroman $265.00

8.) Krista Starr $233.35

9.) Tamara Lauridsen $188.00

10.) Courtney Heiman $174.05

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Taking Orders Now!!!

Click HERE to order your very own #SouthernBelle Sweater!

(the more merchies that order, the cheaper they become!!!)

We are still deciding on t-shirts, but this seemed to be the #1 choice on everyone's radar!

11 Must-Do's in 5 Minutes

Is this tote on your wishlist???

How many ‪#‎SouthernBelles‬ have had this tote on their wishlist??? Now, how many #SouthernBelles want to get a tote FOR FREE FROM ME?!? That's right! Sell $2000 in June and YOU will automatically receive your very own c+i Tote from yours truly! Who's ready to HUSTLE?!?

Facebook Team Page

Are you a part of the #SouthernBelles team Page on Facebook? If not, you are definitely missing out on some serious fun! Friend me on Facebook + Send me a message to add you to our team page to stay up to date wit the latest team contests, incentives and meet your fellow Belles!

#SouthernBelles Facebook

Leadership Opportunity

Have you fallen in love with chloe and isabel and want MORE??? Leadership opportunities are often available, and with hard work and dedication - YOU can become a leader for this amazing company! Did you know our team has several leaders on it? They all (including myself) started as merchandisers, and developed into the leaders we are today! If you would like to learn more about this opportunity & create a plan of action to qualify, then please reach out to me! I want to help your dreams of becoming a leader a reality!

National Launch Call

Tuesday, June 14th, 8pm

This is an online event.

Join the Tuesday night National Sales Meeting here!

Are you registered?? If not, register now then comment below with your favorite thing about spring (weather, clothes, food, activity, etc)!!!



RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel

How am I doing?

Ok ladies! I want to hear from YOU! Please reach out to me via text, e-mail, Facebook, etc... with questions, comments, concerns, criticism, etc...on my performance as a leader to you. You can be as REAL and honest as you are comfortable with. Our team has grown SO much (175% since last August!!!) and I am still trying to figure out what's working and what's not. Examples include but are not limited to:

More team games?

More Challenges?

More Incentives?

BETTER Incentives?

More team Google Hangouts?

More Shout-outs?

Less E-mails/More E-mails?

To compete directly against another team?

More Meet Ups?

More availability?

More 1 on 1?

Belle Vs. Belle challenges?

More Text messages?

...or is everything great as is?