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Technology Integration Newsletter-October 2, 2014

Technology Goals

Now that your goals have been submitted and hopefully approved, please take a moment to fill out the short form found at the link below to help give me some direction in regard to your specific goal and how I can help. There is also a space for a potential date for your first 1/2 day of tech work, but you can leave it blank if you are unsure and email me later. Thank you for taking the time to submit this to me, and thank you to those of you who have already submitted goals.

If you have an open period or prep that you'd like to work with me on, please feel free to email me and I will work something out. I will be reading through goals and passing along resources as I find them, so you may find a random email from me containing a link, tutorial or resource that is relevant to your goals as I work to support you. I will also try to touch base with each of you in person in the coming weeks.

LP 2014-15 Technology Goal Submission

Tutorial: Remind App

One of my favorite teacher tools is a program called Remind, formerly known as Remind 101. In a nutshell, this program can be used either on the internet or as an app on your phone or tablet. Teachers or coaches can use it to send text message or email reminders to parents or students. It keeps all personal information completely private, so students' phone numbers are not viewable by the teacher and the teacher's number is not visible to students or parents. The communication is also one-way, meaning that it is ideal for announcements but not any message that would need an answer returned. I had the opportunity to create a tutorial about Remind, which is viewable below. I also demonstrate the use of Reflector by projecting the contents of my iPhone onto my computer screen to simulate the process of signing up for Remind from the perspective of a parent or student.
How to use Remind in the Classroom

Technology Staff Development Opportunities


If you are looking for technology support in a specific area, below are some of the opportunities available. Many workshops take place in Marshall, however you may notice that many have a "Webinar" option. This means that you could participate in the workshop without having to make the drive. If you are interested, submit your request to staff development.

October 24:

SmartBoard Level 1

October 30:

Unleashing Creativity with the iPad-SW/WC SC-Windom + via Webinar

October 31:

Unleashing Creativity with the iPad-SW/WC SC-Marshall + via Webinar
November 13:
iPad Classroom for Middle and High School Teachers-SW/WC SC-Marshall + via Webinar

November 14:

iPad Classroom for K-6 Teachers-SW/WC SC-Marshall + via Webinar

December 18:

The Advanced iPad Classroom-SW/WC SC-Marshall + via Webinar

December 19:

Twitter for Personal Learning and Professional Growth-SW/WC SC-Marshall + via Webinar

Chromebook Use

First of all, I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to all teachers who have been utilizing Chromebooks in your classrooms! I really appreciate all of your efforts in making sure that students use them and put them back in a responsible way. Please continue to monitor this as students get the hang of the return process.

Also, for any teacher who has students requesting to use a Chromebook, please send a signed pass saying that you approve of the request (unless you have signed up for a number of Chromebooks--in that case no pass is necessary.) This tells me that the teacher agrees to monitor the student as they use the Chromebook. I have so many students coming and going with Chromebooks every day, I want to make sure that they don't walk away!

The past few days have been a little rough in regard to interruptions to my classes of students requesting Chromebooks. If you could try to only send students at the beginning or end of class, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, THANK YOU for doing such a great job in using and returning Chromebooks!! I really appreciate it.