Mrs Williams Spanish CLass

La Clase de Senora Williams

8th Grade Syllabus

8th Spanish Syllabus 2013-2014

Maestra: Señora Williams

Course Description: The course provides students with the fundamental background required to speak, to read, to write and to understand Spanish. A great deal of stress is placed on the development of communicative approach and infusion of 21st century skills which includes communication, collaboration,critical thinking and creativity .Technology tools are strongly used to strenghten communicative skills and develop proficiency in the target language.Additional material for development of the reading skills is provided for each student. The course also presents units on culture that are expanded to include geography and customs of the Spanish-speaking cultures.

II - Grading Policy

20% Formative (Classwork, Homework, oral and short performances)

80% Summative (Quizzes, tests, projects, oral performance...)

III - Class readiness/materials:

Students must be prepared for class every day with:

· 2 folders/notebook

· 1 dictionary

· pens and pencils

· covered textbook

· A great attitude.

In class performance/Class Participation:

Students are expected to contribute to the class in a positive and productive manner in the following areas: preparedness, use of Spanish, daily notes, engagement in all activities, behavior-verbal interactions and attitude, independent work and group collaborations.

*Reglas para la clase de Español*

1. Hablar en español lo más posible.

2. Venir a la clase preparado(a) – sacar puntas antes de sonar la compana.

3. Escribir la fecha en tu cuaderno empezar el hacer ahora al sonar de la campana y estar listo(a) para la clase de Español.

4. Levantar la mano antes de hablar.

5. Levantar la mano tambien si no entiendes algo.

6. Respetar a tus compañeros, a la profesora y a ti mismo(a).

7. Mantener control sobre tus acciones y tus palabras.

8. Ser responsable con los materiales.

9. Terminar todas las tareas a tiempo.