4th Grade News

Mrs. Crain's Class: January 11-15, 2016

Upcoming Dates and Events

Wednesday, Jan. 13: Science test (magnetism)

Thursday, Jan. 14: Vocabulary quiz

Friday, Jan. 15: Comprehension test: "Mountain of Fire"

Monday, Jan. 18: No School (MLK, Jr. Holiday)

Tuesday, Jan. 19: County math benchmark

Tue/Wed, Jan. 19-20: Writing benchmark

Wednesday, Jan. 20: End of 2nd quarter

Thur/Fri, Jan 21-22: Teacher Workdays

**Plan ahead! Our first semester awards assembly will be held on Friday, February 5 at 11:30. We will present attendance and honor roll awards for 1st and 2nd quarter.

Our BIG Field Trip!

The date for our big trip to Raleigh has been finalized! We will depart Alamance March 16th on CHARTER BUSES!! No activity buses for us; we arrive in style! Please review the letter that your child will bring home Monday - it contains important details and payment information regarding this trip.

Language Arts News

This week we are reading "Mountain of Fire", a narrative non-fiction selection about the worst volcanic disaster in United States history, the eruption at Mount St. Helens. We will analyze this text to determine how events in a historical, scientific, or technical text are related (Common Core Standard RI 4.3).

We will have spelling words and a reading response selection this week.

Math News

We will finish our unit on attributes of polygons with a quiz on Monday. Students have been studying the different properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, so our quiz will focus mainly on these two categories of polygons. Students have been instructed to bring their math journals home every night to review these notes...there is no trick except to study!

Our next unit will be on area and perimeter of polygons. We will learn the standard formulas for finding the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles, as well as strategies for other polygons.

Science News

Along with their math journals, students have been reminded to take home their science journals every night to study magnetism notes. Their notes include a "Magnets Reader's Theater", "Manny the Magnet", a vocabulary foldable, and a lesson outline. On Monday they will receive a short study booklet with some practice test questions. This booklet will be due Wenesday, and we will check it right before the test.

We will be completing our writing benchmark in science next week. Students will choose to write an informative essay on electricity or magnetism. They will be allowed to use their notes and textbooks to complete this assignment. This essay is a portfolio piece (part of their work samples which will be sent to fifth grade).

Data Notebooks and Missing Work

Data notebooks are coming home Monday. Although we do graph many assignments, we do not graph all graded work. Please check your child's brown folder as well.

Despite posting lists, giving numerous extra copies, verbal reminders, and dojo notes, every week I have several students who are missing multiple assignments. Some of the missing work is due to absences, which I've addressed in a previous newsletter. Thank you for helping me keep on top of that! However, some students simply do not follow directions and complete/turn in work. There is a designated place in our classroom to turn in assignments, and this place has not changed since the first day of school! Responsibility is a key component of being prepared for the next grade level. Students should not have to be reminded on a daily basis to follow procedures that have been in place since Day 1.

Secret Phrase

Due to the late transmission of this week's newsletter, I will accept secret phrases for prize box rewards on Monday AND Tuesday. The secret phrase must be written down BY AN ADULT - in your child's agenda or on a separate note. You may also email or send the secret phrase to me via dojo messenger. NO SECRET PHRASES WRITTEN BY STUDENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

"The time is always right to do what is right". ~Martin Luther King, Jr.