Newsletter Week 10 Term 1

Lauriston School 12th April 2022

Last Day of Term

A reminder that tomorrow Wednesday 13th April is the last day of Term One for all students - we wish you all safe and happy holidays and hopefully we can look forward to a much brighter and settled Term 2. See you all back here on Monday 2nd May.

Bring on the Presents

Our best wishes go out to Sam Palmer who will turn 11 on Friday - we wish you a very happy day Sam!!

The following students will celebrate their birthdays during the holidays:

Charlie Quinlan will turn 11 on the 19th, Maddison Horne and Anabelle Pike will both turn 7 on the 22nd, Robbie will turn 8 on the 24th, Andy Wright will turn 8 and James & Miriam Menefy will turn 9 on the 26th, James Gray will also turn 9 on the 27th, Walter Duckmanton will turn 6 on the 30th and Anna & Alex Letham will turn 7 on the 1st May.

We wish you all very happy days celebrating with family and friends!

School Cell Phone

Just a reminder that the school cell phone number is 0275149499 and can be used for sending messages of absence or students off the bus etc. This is checked daily even when Trudy is not in the office.

LSS - TT Race Fundraiser

The LSS committee are considering organising a motocross TT race fundraiser in conjunction with the Ashburton Motorcycle Club however, in order to run this event we need to provide a venue. We would like to know if any of our farming families have a paddock available anytime from the start of May through to the end of October to run the race. An ideal location would have a slightly rolling contour but with clear line of sight, the paddock would be best suited if it was going to be cultivated afterwards. The Ashburton motorcycle club will do all the organising and set up, including all the necessary health and safety requirements. This could be a very profitable fundraising option for the LSS and could potentially become a yearly event. For further information and expressions of interest please give Mark Totty a call on 021664113.

Methven Area Cross Country

We are excited to confirm Lauriston School is once again hosting the Methven Area Cross Country. This event will take place on Tuesday 17th May in week three next term with a postponement date of Thursday 19th May.

Our aim is to continue to provide meaningful sporting opportunities for our children despite Covid-19 Restrictions. Please pencil this date in and more information about what this event will look like with current circumstances will come early next term.

The Cross Country races will start on the school field and children will run part of the farm adjacent to the school grounds. Children will wear their sports uniform - school sports top, navy or black shorts and running shoes.

Upcoming Events

  • End of Term 1 for Students - Wednesday 13th April
  • Teacher Only Day - Thursday 14th April
  • Beginning of Term 2 - Monday 2nd May
  • Methven Area Cross County - Tuesday 17th May

Mt Alford Happenings

We went outside on an Autumn hunt this morning. We looked for autumn leaves and any other signs of Autumn time. Throwing the leaves up was lots of fun. When we got back to class we did some writing about what we saw, we are practising writing down the sounds we know and are making awesome progress.
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Mt Harper Happenings

Mt Harper has had a great final week of term. We had so much fun on Wheels Day. The kids loved bringing their bikes and scooters to school. We really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and the wheel rolling competition. We were so proud of our friends who won prizes and can't wait till next year's Wheels Day so we can do it all again. A big thank you to seniors for organising the day for us.

This week we have started practicing for the cross country. We recorded how many laps we ran as a class, then looked on google maps to see how far we would have travelled if we were running from the top of New Zealand.

Congratulations to Archer and Courtney for receiving this week's certificates. Both were for the determination and hard work they are showing at school.

The kids in Mt Harper have done so well this term. Have a great break and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 2.

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Mt Hutt Happenings

This week our highlight was Wheels Day! Check out our favourite parts:

My favourite part was rolling the tyre and getting to drink lemonade! Sadie

My favourite was doing the treasure hunt. Feki

I liked going over the big jump on the bike track and racing my go-cart. Claire

I liked getting lemonade and doing the tyre activity. Maddison.

My favourite part was tossing the coin and getting lemonade at the end! Anabelle

The best part was the stick in the sand and the bike track. I went on the jumps. Amelia

I liked the stick in the sand and rolling the tyre. Jack

I came first in the bike race! Alex

My favourite part was the go-cart race. Anna

My favourite was biking on the bike track. Gus

I liked the scooter decorating, scavenger hunt and drinking lemonade. Millie

The best part was the go-cart race and playing stick in the sand. Sophie

Well done to Amelia and Alex who received our certificates this week. Amelia for her fantastic start at Lauriston School this term and the quick progress she is making in reading. Alex received his for his expert knowledge and give it a go attitude with our gardens and school farm inquiry.

Congratulations to Anna for receiving our Writer of the Week award in Mt Hutt.

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Mt Winterslow (Opihako)Happenings

Mt Winterslow Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following student’s: Sam Honeywell and Alba Worner for using strategies to solve word problems in Maths. Ka Mau te Wehi! Awesome! Fantastic!

Wheels Day

Mt Winterslow had a fantastic day on Friday at our Wheels Day. Thank you to our wonderful leaders in Mt Somers for all of your organisation and hard work to prepare such a successful day!

Libby Chambers (Reliever) Update

Students in Mt Winterslow have enjoyed continuing the Anzac activities from last week. They have also explored Autumn using our senses, learning about nouns/verbs/adjectives to create an Autumn diamante poem. For Maths, students have worked on several different strategies for adding 2 & 3 digit numbers and have started reading and breaking down word problems this week. We are learning all about screen printing for art! We are creating funky faces, using baking paper, squeegies and silk screens. It’s a really involved process, messy and fun! Great work Mt Winterslow!

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Mt Somers

Wheels day

Last week on Friday was the day we had all been waiting for… wheels day! In the morning we set up all the activities including: the book and the toy stall, throw the coin, drinks and the BBQ, stick in the sand box, bike track, roll the tyre and the go kart track. Once everything was set up, we moved on to judging the hot wheels track, best decorated and most weird use for a tyre and best decorated scooter. Congratulations to the people who won. Then we did the scavenger hunt. It was very exciting. After the scavenger hunt the bike track opened. There were so many people and it was very busy. Soon after we had the go kart race where there were some cool go karts. Next you could go around, play a few games and have some drinks or ice blocks. At lunchtime we had sausages, they were delicious.


On Friday we got our sheep from the Coplands. We got six black ewe hoggets. The breed is zwartbels. Soon we will be getting a ram as well. We are hoping to have some lambs and we are currently researching when is the best time to bring in the ram so they don’t lamb in the holidays. It is so exciting to finally have the sheep here on the Lauriston school farm.


In the back of the gardens there is a patch of pumpkins. Last Friday they were ready to harvest. There were so many pumpkins - about fifteen. We will take some home, sell some and cook some here at school. If anyone would like a pumpkin, please let us know.

Written by Sasami and Henrietta.

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