Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

6 May 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

At last we have had some sunshine and the pupils have been able to go outside and play on the grassed areas and outdoor gym. Hopefully if the dry weather continues the larger field will be usable too and opened during the lunch hour.

This week has been a short one due to the bank holiday weekend followed by the election day. This was, of course, one of our allocated training days and as our school is used as a polling station, guidance from the Local Authority states that we must hold this day as a staff training day.

Next week our Year 5 pupils travel to the Lake District to High Borrans- we wish them all a happy and successful visit. It is also SAT week for our Year 6 pupils. They, along with the staff, have been working incredibly hard in the run up to these exams and I am sure that they will perform really well. As a result of these two events there will be a number of changes to our normal timetable for the Key Stage Two pupils.

High Borrans

We are sure you are all very excited about setting off to High Borrans on Monday. Please check our website for more details if you have lost any of the information which has been given out. Everything you need including a kit list is on there.http://www.wellfieldmiddleschool.org.uk/high-borrans/

We will send out a text to say we have arrived safely. Twitter and the school website will be updated every evening depending on our internet connection.

Any questions please do contact Mr Richardson.

10 Tips For Top Performance In SATS Week

  1. – Try to be in bed by 8.30/9pm. 10-11 year olds need 9hr 30-9hrs 45minutes sleep each night. Lack of sleep will massively reduce your brain speed and how well you do in the exams.

  2. – 90% of your brain is water and being just 2% dehydrated will reduce your brain performance. Keep sipping water throughout the day and during the exams.

  3. – After you have finished a hard day of exams, take some time off to run around, kick a football, or however you enjoy being active. Exercise encourages your brain to work at its best by causing nerve cells to multiply and strengthen their interconnections. It also creates a better blood flow to your brain and helps you to sleep better.

  4. – Approximately 60% of your brain is made up of fats and Omega-3 fats are an essential part of that. Our bodies do not naturally produce Omega 3, so we need to get them from our diet. Foods like oily fish, avocados and green leafy vegetables are all really good sources.

  5. – Fresh air will help your brain and body to function well. So get out go for a walk, cycle, trampoline… Don’t just veg out on the sofa.

  6. – Our bodies and brains need the right mix of vitamins and minerals to work at their best. So, during the exam week, keep it healthy. Then, when they are over, ask your parents to make or buy your favourite meal to celebrate!

  7. – Even if you don’t normally eat much for breakfast, during SATS week, make sure you do. Things like porridge, Weetabix and brown toast, will help your body to burn energy slowly and steadily. If you eat things like chocolate or biscuits, your energy levels will rise quickly but then dip and make you feel tired, probably about halfway
    through your first test! In an experiment, when children who hadn’t eaten breakfast for a while began to eat breakfast, their results went up an entire grade (on average). Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day.

  8. — Don’t worry about the SATS. They are important, but they will not affect your future job. Too much stress actually causes an increase in the hormone cortisol, which, in high levels, kills brain cells and brain functioning.

  9. — You can do it! Believe in yourself and you will do well!

  10. – Enjoy the SATS and do your best!

Summer Fair

This year's Summer Fair is on Friday 24th June. There will be lots of stalls and games as well as a performance from our Steel Pan Band and a surprise from our Year six dancers. As part of our fundraising we will be having a non- uniform day on Friday 10th June. A letter will be sent out with further details before the half term holiday.

Year 4 Transition

We are looking forward to welcoming Year 4 pupils from South Wellfield First School this afternoon for their first of many activities planned on the lead up to Transition Days.

Today they will work with Miss Barton and our Year 5 Digital Leaders in an animation workshop.

Extracurricular Activities

The summer term is upon us and hopefully this sunshine will continue right through. The pupils have a range of activities they can attend during the week. All abilities are welcome at all our clubs.

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World of Work

Our Year 8's enjoyed an afternoon learning about the World of Work. 9 employers came into school, and the students were able to speak to each of them in a careers 'speed dating' afternoon organised by North Tyneside Learning Trust.

Well done to Lola, Molly and Emily for being selected as our Key Stage 3 stars for their excellent conduct during this event.

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Bikeability - On-road Cycle Safety

This year has seen the biggest turn out of pupils taking part in an on-road cycling training day with two experienced cycling instructors. So far this year, forty-two year 5 pupils have taken part in the level 2 training course and many more are still waiting for an opportunity to arise.

We are thrilled that pupils want to improve their cycling skills, to keep them healthy and active but more importantly, that they want to learn how to keep themselves safe whilst doing so.

Children's Cancer Run

If you are running with us at the Children's Cancer Run, please meet at Newcastle Racecourse on Sunday 15th May for a 10:10am start time.


Well done to Rowan who has passed her Speech and Drama exam, to Alfie who was man of the match for his Rugby team, and to Charlotte on her amazing archery skills, she even beat lots of adults!
We love to hear about all of your achievements, so be sure to let us know if you are up to something amazing outside of school!

Cure for Cholera

Well done to Finlay in Year 6 for winning the 'Cure for Cholera' competition ran by Newcastle University's Medical School.

As part of our themed learning British Science Week activities, Finlay took part in a trip to the Medical School labs and learned about cholera and designed his own cure, using the knowledge gained.

He received a rather fab Newcastle University hoodie for his design!

Well done to 5GY

Well done to 5GY who have collected all 4 attendance Spuddies for having the best attendance in Year 5.

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Congratulations to Mrs Gordon and Miss Barton

Not only do we have fantastic students, our staff have also been winning recently.
Well done to Mrs Gordon and Miss Barton who won £150 for school books at a recent TeachMeet.


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A popular feature on Twitter, are videos of our pupils enjoying 'Go Noodle', you can see them here.

Important Dates

May 9-12, May 12-16, High Borrans

May 9-12 - SATs week.

May 15 North East Children's Cancer Run, 10:10am

May 17 - School disco 6:30-8pm,

May 30 - June 3 Half Term

June 10 - Non Uniform Day

June 23 - Additional Teacher Training Day due to EU Referendum.

June 24 - Summer Fair

July 13 - Year 8 Prom, Village Hotel, 6pm

July 20 - Leavers Assembly - time to be confirmed.


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