Peek at the Week

December 14-18 th 4th Grade Mrs. Lanz

Base Camp

All permission slips need to be turned in before break. If you are interested in being a chaperone overnight please contact me or send in the form. We need all chaperones to fill out and return paperwork before break. If you'd like to learn more about the team-working activities we will participate in there, please check out their website.

What's Coming Up

Field Trip: We will head to Base Camp January 7th-8th. More details will come home before break to help families gather materials over break.

Science: Students have enjoyed several experiments studying rocks and minerals over the last two weeks. They will finish up the unit this week with a final experiment and a quiz. We will also complete a whole grade water filter project on the 21st and 22nd.

Writing: The rough drafts are almost finished and the next stage of editing and publishing will take place next week. Students will also complete the district writing prompt to asses their growth in writing.

Reading: 4th graders have started their work in small groups focusing on biographies. They will focus on our question, What it Takes to Achieve Your Hopes and Dreams. Groups will create a presentation for the class based on the book they read.

Math: We are completing our 3rd unit in math and will preview the 4th unit : Multi-digit Multiplication, before break. Students also brought home a packet last week that allows them to connect to resources, homework, games, and manipulatives on their computer from home. Password and username are on the packets and in their binders.

  • 12/11 Day of Code
  • 12/17 End of Science Unit with Mrs. Schulz
  • 12/18 End of Narrative Writing Unit
  • 12/21-12/22 Water Engineering
  • 12/22 - Assembly
  • 12/22 - Winter Party!
  • 12/23-1/3 - NO SCHOOL - Winter Holiday

STAR of the Week

We are excited to learn more about Ryan this week!


Yuktha- 12/29

Calling All Scientists and Engineers!

Birchview will once again be hosting a school wide S.T.E.M day on January 14th and we are looking for volunteers to present to our classes at 9:45 and 10:30 a.m. If you work in a field that involves Science, Technology, Engineering or Math we would love to have you.
If you are interested in presenting or would like more information to see if what you do would work for a presentation, please contact

Danielle Miller, Vision 21 teacher

(763) 745-5351

Thank you, this was an amazing experience for our students last year and many of them have stopped me in the hallway asking when our STEM day is this year.

Our Schedule

Day 1: Music/P.E.
Day 2: Art Library 12:40-1:10(this has just changed from Day 3 to Day 2)
Day 3: Music/P.E.
Day 4: Technology
Day 5: Spanish

Spelling Words

Here are the following week's words:

4th - Suffixes -ful, -ly, -ion
1. careful
2. tasteful
3. lonely
4. powerful
5. suggestion
6. peaceful
7. recently
8. extremely
9. certainly
10. wisely
11. harmful
12. monthly
13. yearly
14. successful
15. playful
16. thoughtful
17. actually
18. pollution
19. correction
20. eagerly
Challenge Words
21. separation
22. description
23. immediately
24. suspenseful
25. completely

Homework Sites

Xtra Math

Students should work on their fact skills at their own pace daily.

Spelling City

Our spelling words will be posted here weekly and students can use this as a place to practice their words.


Math skills are organized by standard and will be assigned in class and occasionally for homework.


I will add flashcards as we use them in class for Social Studies and other classes

Bedtime Math

Daily math activities are provided for a variety of ages. The site also includes parent blogs, games and other ideas for extending math at home. This is not homework, but an option for families and students at home.