Electric Cars

Are they better than the traditional gas-powered car?

The Electric Car, what is it?

Electric cars used stored batteries instead of gasoline to power it up. Electric cars can reduce air pollution a lot as it doesn’t burn fossil fuels using gasoline as a source of energy. Electric cars can plug into your domestic 13amp power supply at home, the same as your vacuum cleaner or TV.

The good and the bad

  • With electric cars going to the gas station is basically obsolete, you know longer have to fill the car up, but a simple charge at your charging station. That save money.

  • The tailpipe emission is no longer a thing.

  • Although you may be helping the planet your range is significantly less then your average gas powered vehicle, not to mention the cost.

More Information on Electric Cars

The Pros & Cons of Electric Vehicles

Our Verdict/Solution to the Problem

Stick with traditional gas powered vehicles. The electric cars are very expensive, and it will cost a lot of money to make charging stations nationwide. If you want to get somewhere far without having to stop knowing your battery is about to die, stick with gas powered.

Why stick with gas powered cars?

  • Electric cars have a range of 60-70 miles as gas cars have a much farther range.
  • Gas powered cars are much cheaper than electric cars. Some electric cars like the Tesla Model S are about $70,000.
  • There are not many places to charge the vehicle and it takes a long time, about 6-8 hours. Putting gasoline into a vehicle is instantaneous.
  • It requires a lot of electricity to charge your car at home, which means a steep electric bill.