Horizon Media Center

October, 2015


The Horizon Media Center empowers students to be enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.


6th graders are learning how to use NoodleTools (our district's online research tool). After Mr. Wright leads the students in a discussion about why citing sources is the right thing to do, students watch a slideshow created by Ms. Berg, with step-by-step directions for creating personal IDs, creating new citation projects, and citing print and online sources. Then, Mr. Wright and Ms. Berg guide students as they create their own personal IDs and new citation projects. After choosing from a small collection of print and online sources, students create citations for books, databases, websites, images, and videos. Finally, students produce "Works Cited" pages in correct MLA format. 7th and 8th graders also come to the media center for a NoodleTools refresher and to learn some of the advanced features of NoodleTools, e.g., creating online notecards and outlines. Our school-wide goal is for all 6th-8th graders to become ethical users of information by requiring them to cite all print and online sources using NoodleTools.
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Get in the zone with Sustained Silent Reading

Did you know that the amount of time a student spends reading is "the major predictor of academic success in Reading, Math, AND Science"? In fact, "the top 5 percent of U.S. students read up to 144 times more than those in the bottom 5 percent" (Atwell). In order for students to become "skilled, passionate, habitual, and critical readers", they need to first get in the "reading zone". The "reading zone" is the place readers go when they leave the real world behind and live vicariously in their books. In order for students to truly get in the zone, they have to be completely engaged in what they are reading which requires "silence, absolute silence" - or at least as few distractions as possible. Repeatedly, throughout the school year, all 6th - 8th graders come to the media center with their teachers for that very purpose - to get lost - magically lost - in the reading zone!

Tween Read Month

During October, all students are encouraged to take our online “Horizon Tween Read Interest Survey” - located on the Horizon Media Center home page. Each year, the survey results are used to help select books that better meet the needs and interests of our students, developing more enthusiastic readers. These results will be posted in the media center during November. Three lucky students who complete the survey will win $5 coupons to spend at the Scholastic Book Fair that runs from Nov. 2nd – Nov. 9th! New books are purchased every month, so book recommendations are always welcome!

The Scholastic Book Fair is Coming!

Our Scholastic Book Fair runs from November 2nd - 9th in our Horizon Middle School Media Center. Family nights are November 5th and 9th (during SL Conferences) from 4:00 – 7:45 p.m.With every purchase of books, students will get to SPIN THE WHEEL for a GRAB BAG or a chance to win a book of their choice! We can’t wait to see you at the Book Fair!