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Presidential Opening

Requirements to be President!

To be President one must be:
  • One must be 35 years old
  • A U.S resident for 14 years
  • A "natural born" citizen

Being President! The benefits, powers, etc.

10 Constitutional Powers granted by the President

1. Admin Head of the Nation- Executive

2. Commander and Chief of the Military- Executive

3. Power of Purse- Judicial

4. General Veto- Executive

5. Line-item Veto- Executive

6.Special Session- Executive

7.State of the Union- Executive

8.Appointment Power- Judicial

9. Pardon-Judicial

10.Negotiates Treaties- Diplomatic

The most important power as President would be Commander and Chief of the Military especially during war time. During peace the power is to make sure the laws are enforced.

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Five Leadership Qualities and Skills to have

1. Effective decision making ability - Needs to be able to make the best decisions possible to benefit the country.

2. Motivator and positive influence - Needs to have the ability to motivate the country to get better, positive role model for all people.

3. Communication Skills - Has to communicate thoughts/plans clearly in order for no misunderstandings or confusion. Needs to be able to communicate easily through speaking, phone, television, phone, letters, emails, texting and more in order to do job proficiently.

4. Conflict resolution skills - Needs to be able to resolve conflicts that involve the country. Has to critical think about solutions to conflicts.

5. Ability to adjust to change - Needs to adjust to a changing environment. Flexibility and willingness to change.

Guided questions and six roles of president

1. The presidents role as chief of state is to represent the U.S at public events.

Example: Award students with medals for receiving academic honors.

2. Being a chief diplomat involves interacting with leaders of other nations.

Examples: Working with leaders in the Middle East in effort to create peace.

3. As chief legislator he can voice his own ideas and opinions to Congress while they draft legislation.

Example: Signing or vetoing a bill passed by Congress.

4. As party leader the president helps members of his political party get elected or appointed to office.

Example: Choosing leading party members to serve in the Cabinet.

5. As commander in chief the president in the head of all the U.S armed forces.

Example: Inspecting a Navy yard.

6. The president's role as chief executive is carrying out laws.

Example: Holding a Cabinet meeting to discuss government business.

Unfair Taxation

Wealthier Americans are being taxed higher percentage compared to average and low income households. The lowest amount an American can be taxed is 10%, while the highest federal tax is 39.6%. Keep in mind that does not include your state tax. The wealthiest married couple who is joint filing and makes 466,950 and above, will pay the highest federal tax. A married couple joint filing at the lowest level of income (0-18,550) will only pay 10% in federal taxes.

It sounds fair, if you make more money you should pay more money. While I do agree with that, it is not right to pay almost half of your earnings in taxes. In MN, my family pays 43% in federal and state taxes. Lets say for example our income in $467,000. Between state and federal taxes we are left with almost half that amount, $266,190. Is that fair taxation to you?

Think about equality, is being taxed that much equal or fair? It is most certainly not. While we could all be paying an equal percent amount, we would still be taxed more in dollar amount compared to an average income or lower income family. If we were all taxed at 10% federal tax then that would be equal. 10% of $18,550 is a lot less than 10% of $231,450 or $500,00. Wealthier Americans would still be paying more, but an equal percent.

As President I would present it an an inequality and use conflict resolution skills. I would use my power to change the way Americans are taxed. I would have to use effective decision making and critical thinking, communicate my thoughts and ideas clearly for all Americans to understand, use motivational skills to persuade the house and the senate to pass a new law.