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I’m not going to be constantly selling you

It takes a lot for me to sign up for a newsletter too, because I know the writers intentions. They just want to squeeze as much out of my wallet as they can.

Its spammy & frustrating.

I respect your time and share things that are worth your time.

I’m SAPIOsexual

You don’t know how much I love learning. I was talking to a friend of mine the other time about what things we would take to a desert to survive. I told him the first thing that will kill me is the lack of intellectual stimulation from the first few days.

As you can see from my facebook page, its fitness related but because I'm constantly learning I came across a Google talk about the Art of Learning, I loved it so much that I just had to share it even though it wasn't completely fitness related.

I’ll those sorts of mind blowing things in the emails. I’d attach the video, make notes below it, how it relates to fitness & life, picking out awesome quotes…

I’d send over things like my carefully crafted notes from a book about finances I just read and send it you because I would loooove for someone to do the same for me.

Action-oriented people

I only want those who take action. Im looking for people who will USE what I'm sharing, not reading it for intellectual entertainment.

Please unsubscribe if you think you wouldn't be using what I'm teaching.

Why I think you should be listening to me

I dont expect you to believe me when I say this but I genuinely want you to succeed.

What I absolutely hate is that people are marketed to so much & tricked into believing that they need to buying a load of things before they can actually achieve their physical goals.

They go ahead and do it, fail and loose confidence in themselves.

  • I preach what I practice

I show through my actions that you do NOT need any of that. They are nice things to have but at the same time you can actually get a 6 pack without knowing what a calorie is and ever stepping into the gym. Because I live it. I've done it. That was the very start of my journey.

  • I want to save you a lot of money

If theres any marketing hype on the raise (ehm ehm waist trainers for example) that is supposedly the answer to everything, I will gladly go out of my way to warn you against it.

I'd want to educate you about whats really going on and show you exactly the marketing bull they use so you do not fall for it again. Why? Because I would treat you as I would like to be treated.

What I want out of the email

In all honesty, I'm collecting these emails because I would like to connect with like minded people. I want to know what are your biggest struggles? What are your fears and worries? I want to get a better understanding of what you want so I can serve you better as a fitness trainer.

I would like this to be a legit channel of communication where I would teach what I know, give solutions to your individual problems, where I would give so much value up front because I know that by investing in you now, you'd be back to invest in my services (either paid or the free content).