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Come see-the New Suzuki KingQuad 400 Lineup

We can more or less thank Suzuki for the 4-wheeled ATV. The year was 1983 when Suzuki first unveiled the now classic LT-125, a modest unit by today's standards, but revolutionary for its time. Prior to that, it was a-3-wheeled world. Thirty years later, they're nevertheless a premier player. Their fresh Suzuki KingQuad 400 selection, offered at all Pete's Pattern spots, exhibits exactly what has kept Suzuki in the business for way too long. Suzuki Motorcycle Dealers

Whether you're using it for a joyride through the slopes, on a small shopping trip or carrying the records in your backyard, this appliance features a fantastic edge combined with the muscle to perform the difficult jobs. The KingQuad 400 lineup also comes designed with a brand new electronic speedometer, a fuel-injected 376cc four-stroke, and industrial-strength front and rear holding shelves will allow you to hold anything, for as long as you need certainly to. And these are only a number of its new functions.
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