Fort Vancouver High School

Center for International Studies

January 2019

Principal: Jody ViDelco

Andy Meyer, Associate principal
John Schultz, Associate principal
Alison Watson, Associate principal

Julie Pagel, Athletic Director

Kirstin Kunihisa, Dean of students

Allison Darke, International Studies Coordinator

Main office: 360.313.4000

Business office: 360.313.4013

Attendance office: 360.313.4040 or



We are globally aware and engaged citizens who are college -, career- and life-ready.


We are leaders who value diversity, and we empower lifelong learners who actively and positively contribute to our school, our community and our world.


It’s important for our students to be prepared to compete, connect and cooperate with others locally and globally. Being an international studies school helps us accomplish this goal by creating an environment where all students are learning to become globally competent.

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OPEN HOUSE / Magnet Night January 17, 2019 6:30-8:00 pm

Learn more about Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies There will be

presentations for:

Welding, Culinary, Careers in Education, Medical, and AVID Programs Information about clubs

& activities will be available!

News from VPS (English)

Last day of school year is June 18

Due to the delayed first day of school, the following changes are in effect for the 2018-19 school year:

 Friday, January 25, 2019—schools will be in session all day

 Wednesday, June 12, 2019, through Friday, June 14, 2019—schools will be in session all three days

 Monday, June 17, 2019—schools will be in session but will release students two hours earlier than usual*

 Tuesday, June 18, 2019—last day of school; schools will be in session but will release students two hours earlier than usual*

Students and staff members should report to school on the above days.

*If schools are closed due to weather, the calendar may change again.

This year, schools also will release students 40 minutes early every Monday unless the day falls on a holiday or during school breaks. There are no 40-minute early releases scheduled for June. The first early-release day will be Sept. 10. The increased number of early release days provides more time for VPS teachers to engage in professional learning and collaboration to improve student achievement results.

El último día del año escolar es el 18 de junio. (Spanish)

Debido al retraso del primer día de clases, se han implementado los siguientes cambios para el año escolar 2018-19:

 Viernes, 25 de enero de 2019 - las escuelas estarán en sesión todo el día

 Del miércoles, 12 de junio de 2019 al viernes, 14 de junio de 2019 las escuelas seguirán en sesión

 Lunes, 17 de junio de 2019 - las escuelas estarán en sesión, pero los estudiantes saldrán dos horas antes de lo habitual *

 Martes, 18 de junio de 2019- último día de clases; las escuelas estarán en sesión, pero los estudiantes saldrán dos horas antes de lo habitual *

Los estudiantes y el personal deben presentarse en la escuela los días anteriormente mencionados.

* Si las escuelas están cerradas debido a las condiciones del clima, el calendario puede cambiar nuevamente.

Este año, las escuelas también dejarán salir a los estudiantes 40 minutos temprano todos los lunes, a menos que el día sea festivo o durante las vacaciones escolares. No hay salida temprana de 40 minutos programadas para el mes de junio. El primer día de salida temprana será el lunes, 10 de septiembre. El aumento en el número de días de salida temprana proporcionará más tiempo a los maestros de “VPS” para participar en sesiones de aprendizaje profesional y trabajo colaborativo para mejorar los resultados del rendimiento estudiantil.

Последний день занятий в этом учебном году – 18 июня (Russian)

В связи с тем, что начало учебного года было отсрочено, следующие изменения будут внесены в календарь на 2018-19 учебный год:

 Пятница, 25 января 2019 года — полный день занятий в школах

 Со среды, 12 июня 2019 года, по пятницу, 14 июня 2019 года — во в школах будут проходить занятия в течение всех трёх дней

 В понедельник, 17 июня 2019 года — в школах будут проходить занятия, но уроки закончатся на 2 часа раньше обычного*

 Вторник,18 июня 2019 года — последний день учёбы; уроки закончатся на 2 часа раньше обычного*

Учащиеся и сотрудники должны присутствовать в школе в вышеуказанные дни.

*Если школы будут закрыты из-за неблагоприятной погоды, в календарь могут быть внесены новые измерения.

В этом учебном году каждый понедельник занятия в школах будут заканчиваться на 40 минут раньше, за исключением тех дней, когда понедельник выпадает на праздники или школьные каникулы. В июне дней, когда занятия будут заканчиваться на 40 минут раньше не будет. Первым днём, когда занятия закончатся на 40 минут раньше, является

10 сентября. Увеличение числа дней с ранним окончанием занятий предоставляет учителям Ванкуверского школьного района больше времени для повышения квалификации и совместной работы с коллегами с целью улучшения успеваемости учащихся.

Saingónón ráánin sukkun a sereni Suun 18 (Chuukese)

Pokiten e poputá mang sukkun, a wor ekkóch minafén ekkesiwin nón néúch calendar ren ei ier 2018-19:

 Enimwu, Sanéwéri 25, 2019—Mei wor sukkun (unusen ráán)

 Éúnúngát, Suun 12, 2019, ngeni Enimwu, Suun 14, 2019— Mei wor sukkun nón meinisin ekkei únúgát ráán

 Sárifáán, Suun 17, 2019— Mei wor sukkun, nge chóón sukkun repwe sárekái (2 awa)*

 Oru, Suun 18, 2019—Sáingonón ráánin sukkun; Epwe wor sukkun, nge chóón sukkun repwe sárekái (2 awa)*

Chóón sukkun me chóón angang meinisin repwe etto sukkun me angang nón ekkei ráán.

*Mei tufich an epwe pwan siwin sefán masowen me kókkótun nón ei calendar iká pwe ese wor sukkun nón ekkan ráán mwach pokiten an ngaw enienin asepwán/púngúmwóng snó,

Nón ei ier, epwe sárekái sukkun (40 minich) iteiten Sárifán me núkkún chék iká ese pwúkún wor sukkun nón ekkóch sárifán pokiten e sereni ekkewe ráán kich mei asésé (holidays). Faan Suun, esapw chiwen wor ekkewe ráán chóón sukkun repwe sárekái nón (40 minich). Ewin ráán chóón sukkun repwe sárekái nón a sereni Sept. 10. Ekkei ráán chóón sukkun repwe sárekái nón a awora ngeni sense fansoun ar repwe káeo me angang fengen ar repwe ánisi néúr chóón sukkun pwe epwe watenó ar sine.

Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Hello Fort Students and Families!

I would like to introduce myself as Fort Vancouver High School’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Intervention Specialist. As the Prevention/Intervention Specialist it is my job to support and counsel students that are at risk of turning to substance use, those currently using substances and those struggling to cope with a friend or family member’s substance use issues. Just being in high school puts students at risk so my services are available to all students here at Fort

Substance use, during adolescence is the leading cause of preventable death and health issues in the United States. As the Prevention/Intervention Specialist my goal is to be a resource for all students to stop the cycle of addiction and to help all students reach their ultimate potential. Our youth are our future and the more support we can offer to increase their chances of success in life the better future we create not only for them, but for our world. Frederick Douglass said it best when he stated “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Some of the services I offer here at Fort:

  • Confidential individual counseling for all students, referral to ongoing mental health and substance use counseling if applicable, and a variety of support groups to teach students skills and provide ongoing support around a variety of issues/topics.
  • I teach a prevention education series in freshmen classes and promote awareness on substance use related issues around the school through classroom and lunchroom related presentations and activities.
  • I also lead a prevention club and oversee a student led mentor group with community partners.
  • Lastly, I oversee some other community led groups by Alateen, YWCA groups, and more.

If you have any questions about the services I provide or would like to refer someone to meet with me please feel free to reach out to me at the contact information provided below.


Tabby Stokes MSW, CDP

Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Want to earn school credit for working?

It’s an easy way to get some credits.

If you work an average of 20 hours per week, you can receive .5 credits!

Just come and see Mrs. Barry in room 115 or the Student Store for details.

Attendance Matters

Our goal is for students arrive on time and be in class 100% of the time.

Our tardy policy started taking effect October 1st.

4 tardys = Warning

8 tardys = Lunch Detention

12 tardys = Lunch Detention and Conference

15 tardys = After School Detention


We started using the tardy kiosks to help ensure accurate record keeping and speed up the check in process.

Students will need to check in at the "tardy kiosk" if they arrive late to school between 7:30 - 8:30

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If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s schedule, high school planning, or other issues, please contact us at the Fort Vancouver Counseling Center.

We serve students alphabetically based on their last name. A list of our counselors, as well as their email addresses and phone numbers can be found below.

You can also request an appointment by contacting our Counseling Clerk, Cheri Chavers, at 313-4007.

Students A-Fi : Mike Dillman


Students Fj-L : Jennifer Riordan


Students M-Roc : Jane Klaasen


Students Rod-Z : Kelly Smith


OTG Specialist : Susan Holden


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On Track?

To be considered “on track” for graduation, students should have the following minimum number of credits entering the school year.

If a student is below the minimum number, schedule a meeting with the appropriate counselor to discuss possible credit recovery options.

Freshman = 0 Credits Junior = 12.0 Credits

Sophomore = 6.0 Credits Senior = 16.5 Credits

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Deadlines for some college applications, financial aid, and scholarships are fast approaching.

The FAFSA for the 2018-2019 school year opened October 1, and the sooner students get the application completed, the better.

Filling out the application DOES NOT obligate the parent or the student to anything, it is simply a way of finding out what sort of financial aid the federal government can offer.

If you have questions or concerns about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us at the counseling center.

A 2007 study by Elaine Ainsworth and John Q. Easton from the University of Chicago found that attendance in the 9th grade year was a better predictor of whether or not a student would dropout than their 8th grade test scores.

It is vital that your student(s) is at school on a consistent basis to insure that they are picking up the important academic skills they need in order to graduate.

2019 Seniors - Cap & Gown Orders

Ø Special ‘Early Bird’ pricing deadline December 14th! Order as soon as possible to avoid paying a higher price.

Ø Order online

Ø Herff Jones phone: 360.254.7870

Ø Order in person: 4018 NE 112th Ave STE D-3 Vancouver, WA 98682

Graduation date…..

Wednesday, June 12th @5pm at the Clark County Fair Grounds in the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater.

Career Center Opportunities:

Ø February 7th Cascadia Tech Tour

· 10th & 11th graders only--10th graders have the priority

Ø February 13th Clark College On-Site Admissions

· Seniors Apply to Clark College!

Ø Most Tuesdays in the Career Center WSUV or Clark College Advising

· Sign up to discuss College Applications, Financial Aid, Scholarships, or have general college advising.

Cascadia Tech Academy

Keep track of Cascadia’s schedule! It is different from Fort’s schedule!

Rules for early release, testing, and no school…

v Early Release 1 or 2 hour:
CTA students must attend Skills Center. There will be a bus to & from CTA, but you will need to find a ride home from Fort.

v No school @ Fort: You must attend. There will be a bus at Fort to take you to CTA and one from CTA to Fort.

v Testing days: If you are testing PSAT, SBAC or any other test and need to miss Skills Center. You need to see Mrs. Pongracz to get excused from Skills Center.

If you need to miss school for any reason. You must get the absence excused from Cascadia