Miss Maudie a.k.a. cake lady

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Miss Maudie's Opinion

Miss Maudie believes that if people respect her stuff she will gladly let you be at her house. "Jem and I has always enjoyed the free run of Miss Maudie's yard if we kept out of her azaleas.."(chapter 5 paragraph 3) She lets the kids play in her yard as long as they do not mess up the beautiful plants in her yard. She gets along with the children Jem and Scout. she enjoys to make cake for them and let them have some of it. "How'd you like some fresh pound cake to take home?''(chapter 5 paragraph 21) Miss Maudie would make cake for the kids and let them take it home. She felt like the people did not know enough or the truth about Boo Radley. She believed people should leave him alone if he wants to be alone. She may be home a lot but she hates being there." Maudie hated her house;time spent wasted indoors.''( chapter 5 paragraph 5) she was a widow but at times she would be dressed in overalls to work on her garden but at other times in the day she would look very beautiful.


Dont flirt with her!

She don't mind being a little mean when it comes to flirting with her. "Call a little louder, Jack Finch, and they'll hear you at the post office, i haven't heard you yet!" (Chapter 5 paragraph 13) Miss Maudie will not let jack finch flirt with her even though he has asked her to marry him. She is not scared to make sure you know she don't like you