The Bully

by Paul Langan

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The main character Darrell starts out living in Philadelphia, with all his friends. life is good, until his mom gets a new job in CALIFORNIA. Darrell is already sad that he is really small, he tries to make friends, but only meets a bully named Tyray. He meets a girl named Amberlynn, who is pretty nice, But is not like his buds in philly. He decides to join the wrestling team, to build confiedence, and he really strives in the meets. While Tyray keeps builling him, Darrell finally takes him down and stand up for himself.

Character Analysis

Darrell is short, small and underweight. He is not very confeident, and tries to blend in at high school. When he meets Amber-Lynn, he automatically falls in love. Amber lynn has long blonde hair and is on the cheer-leading squad. She has a crush on Darrell too.
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About the author

Paul Langan was born in 1972 in Philadelphia. He spent his earlier years in Philly, before moving to New Jersey. In 1991, he entered into Camden college, then later switched to La Salle university. He enjoyed contributing to other author's books, but later decided to write his own. He was an co-editor of the Bluford series, and wrote The Bully, The Gun, Summer of Secrets, Brother in Arms, and the Blood is Thicker. He states that the books 'reflect his personal experiences in life'. I personally think that his books are very inspirational in many ways and he should keep writing!
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Book Comparison

This book reminds me of the book shredderman. This book is centered around a 5th character named Nolan. Nolan is going through the same problems as Darrell, with a bully named Bubba Bigsby. Bubba steals Nolan's things, and has really stinky Bubba breath. So Nolan decides to to write a newspaper about Bubba for a school project to get Bubba in trouble. Find out what happens in Shredderman by Wendelin van draanen.
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