Technology Enters America

By: Lauren Stollberg

Inventions That Made A Difference

When the Mill was invented and came to America, we finally had the technology we wanted, but was the working conditions what we wanted? Working in the mills 12 to 16 hours a day to get one dollar does not seem worth it, but where else to go to get that money?Richard Arkwright, who lives in Great Britain, invented a large, spinning machine called the Water Frame. the Water Frame can produce dozens of cotton threads at the same time. Now Samuel Slater brought the mill to America by memorizing the machine, designs and coming to America as a farmer. The cotton gin is a machine designed to remove cotton from its seeds. It uses a small screen and pulling hooks to force the cotton through the screen. It was invented by Eli Whitney. Eli Whitney also came up with the idea to use interchangeable parts (alike) in 1798 to make muskets.