My Mountain

Devin Loke

Oh, the Places I've Been!


August 11th was the day.

I was off to Great Places!

I was off to UGA!

I had brains in my head.

I had feet in my shoes.

I could steer myself

any direction I choose.

I was on my own. And I could finally show

that I was able to decide where I go.

It started with rush, I treated every sorority fair.

About some I said, "I don't choose to go there."

With my head full of brains and my shoes full of feet,

I knew that my sorority was too good to beat!

Then I started class, I was full of fear.

I was afraid how I got accepted would become unclear.

But it turns out my teachers weren't so scary,

There was absolutely no reason to be wary!

College has presented many different choices.

It's hard to keep up with several different voices!

But I have tried to my hardest to stay true,

Because here, no one watches out for you except you.

I'll get mixed up, of course,

as you already know.

I'll get mixed up

with many strange choices as I go.

I'll be sure as I step

to step with care so I don't crack,

and I have to remember that college

is a great balancing act.

I have to keep all of my priorities in order

and never stray from my own borders.

And will I succeed?

Yes! I will, indeed!

(80 percent guaranteed)



whether I'm sad and blue

or can't seem to find which me is true,

I'm in this Great Place!

Everyday is my day!

My mountain is waiting,

my mountain is UGA!

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