What is a CIC?

The role of the Campus Innovation Coach

The 2015-2020 District Strategic Plan States. . .

. . .We will reinvent the urban education experience. Additionally,

. . .we will implement the use of transformative technology.

How do we create new ways to grow our COLLECTIVE capacity, and SHARE best practices?

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We know that our school communities are sources of creativity and innovation!

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Think of your BEST learning experience. . .

Not just the WHAT

But the WHO

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Austin ISD has made a commitment to

  • Provide a stipend for one CIC per campus. . .
  • . . .who will formalize and anchor conversation around the important work of technology integration and innovation . . .
  • . . .by participating in a series of learning events. . .
  • . . .to become gateways of support and communication with District level coaches for Cohort I and the rest of the campus staff.

Common Vocabulary: The Technology Integration Matrix

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Four Corners

Which ONE of the following would you consider yourself most proficient?

  • Singing
  • Weight Lifting
  • Sewing
  • Writing Poetry

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Campus Innovation Coaches

  • See every conversation as an opportunity
  • Value the potential in their campus staff to try new things
  • Make intentional shifts in practice to move along the Technology Integration Matrix
  • Connect to a District level Technology Integration Coach to access more support for self, Cohort I staff, or campus support.